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Who Needs Valeters Insurance?

Find out more about who might need Valeters insurance.

Who Needs Valeters Insurance?

Valeter insurance is designed for people working as valeters or detailers, whether they work from their own premises, other people’s premises, or run a mobile buiness visiting clients wherever required. Whether you’re contracted to a specific dealer or garage, or work completely independently, you still need a valeter insurance policy to protect you, your business and equipment, and your customers and their property. 

If you collect and deliver your clients’ cars, then you’ll need cover for driving all different types and size of vehicle; if you transport your cleaning equipment and supplies around, then you’ll need to cover them in transit; and because you’ll be working with potential hazardous cleaning materials, it’s vital that you have the right cover in place – particularly if you have any employees, in which case you’ll need Employers’ Liability insurance as well.

Valeters insurance is ideal for valeters or detailers that are:

  • Contracted to dealers
  • Contracted to garages
  • Working from other people’s premises
  • Working from home
  • Working from premises
  • Operate mobile valeting services
  • Full time valeters
  • Part-time valeters

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