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Why Do I Need Valeters Insurance?

Find out why you might need to consider Valeters insurance.

Why Is It Important To Have Valeters Insurance?

As a valeter, you will be working with cleaning products and chemicals which, if an accident occurs, could cause significant damage to a customer’s car, or illness/injury to customers and any members of staff you employ. As such you need to ensure you have the right policy in place to protect you against all the possible accidents and claims that may be made against you. 

A car is often the second most expensive thing a person will buy, behind a house, so if any damage occurs whilst you’re working on a vehicle and you don’t have insurance, it could cost your business significantly. You may also be moving or driving a lot of different vehicles, so you need to make sure you’re covered to do so. 

Here’s a summary of why you may need valeters insurance:

  • Meet legal requirements
  • protect customer vehicles
  • protect members of the public
  • protect employees
  • protect your premises
  • protect your stock and equipment
  • to cover damage caused in transit

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