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Vehicle Recovery Insurance

Are you a motor trader looking for a specialist Vehicle Recovery insurance policy? Get a quote with us.

Specialist Cover For Vehicle Recovery Agents

Whether you work for yourself, or sub-contract for someone else, we could help you save money on your Vehicle Recovery Truck insurance, covering your tools, machinery and equipment, along with your vehicles and customers’ vehicles too. Make sure that you have protection in place to cover yourself, your business, your customers, employees and members of the public too.

Vehicle Recovery insurance is a policy specifically put together for Breakdown & Recovery service providers, whether you are working full or part-time. It can cover your vehicles and third party vehicles that you are towing, transporting or working on.

Vehicle Recovery Insurance Explained

A Vehicle Recovery insurance policy is a Motor Trade insurance policy tailored to your business’s specific needs. It recognises your profession and enables you to trade safe in the knowledge that you have everything in place that you require.

There are three levels of cover to this policy; Third Party Only, Third Party, Fire & Theft and Comprehensive. As you may already be aware, Third Party Only covers damage to third party vehicles only; Third Party, Fire & Theft covers all third party vehicles and then fire & theft of your own; and Comprehensive covers all of the above plus any damage caused to your vehicles too.

You will also need Employers’ Liability insurance; even if you have just one employee, regardless of their position, it is required by law. This covers you and your employees if they were to have an accident, suffer an injury or even die as a result of the work they are carrying out for your business.

An optional but recommended extra would be Public Liability insurance. This covers members of the public for accidents, injuries or death and can also cover damage to their property that may be caused due to your business activities.

What Does Recovery Vehicle Insurance Cover?

As a Vehicle Recovery Operator, there are several things you need to consider covering on your insurance policy; Firstly, you need to make sure that as well as your own vehicles, you also consider insuring the vehicles that you are recovering, whilst in transit or on the back of your truck. Secondly, you might want to protect your buildings and their contents such as money, tools and equipment. You will also need to consider whether Public Liability cover is for you, in case you are involved in any accidents with members of the public, and Employers’ Liability cover if you have anyone else working for you – no matter whether they’re another recovery agent, or a bookkeeper doing your accounts. Our Recovery Truck insurance policies can include the following:

  • Carriage of Vehicles cover
  • Cover for multiple drivers – In situations where your vehicles require several drivers, you can get cover that provides protection for all the drivers you need.
  • Tools, Machinery & Equipment
  • Public Liability cover
  • Employers’ Liability cover
  • No Claims Bonus Protection
  • Buildings & Contents cover – If your business operates from a fixed premises or has additional assets, you can get cover that gives protection for all the things you need to run your business.
  • Cover for driving convictions
  • Compound cover
  • Split Indemnity cover
  • Breakdown cover

Things to Consider

When applying for a Vehicle Recovery insurance quote you should consider a few things before diving in, to make sure you choose the right policy to properly protect your business, and don’t miss anything out that could come back to haunt you later on, if you need to make a claim.

This includes things such as what assets your business has, the vehicles under your protection, and any persons under your employment, all of which could heavily impact the type of cover you may need to take out. When taking these specific things into consideration you should also do risk assessments on the potential incidents and accidents that could affect your business, and all the potential outcomes to allow you to make an informed decision on whether cover is necessary.

Why Choose Think Insurance For Your Vehicle Recovery Cover?

Are you still looking for more reasons to get a Vehicle Recovery insurance quote from Think? No problem, here are some additional features and benefits of our Vehicle Recovery Truck insurance cover:

  • We can insure part-time and full time vehicle recovery agents
  • We can offer a Road Risk policy for recovery agents working from their home
  • You can get Combined cover if you want to insure your garage or office and their contents
  • Cover for tools and portable hand tools you may keep in your vehicles
  • Business interruption cover in case your business has to temporarily close
  • Public Liability and Employers’ Liability cover available
  • Protected No Claims Bonus available so you don’t lose out
  • Free 24 hour Claims Helpline provided by Kingsway
  • Flexible payment options available

How Can I Get Cheaper Recovery Vehicle Insurance?

At Think we strive to get you the best insurance policy for your business. Our Motor Trade sales team will help you build a policy that that’s perfect for your business, and hopefully save you some money at the same time!

What are you waiting for? Come and Get a Quote with us today.