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Why Do I Need Vehicle Recovery Insurance?

Find out why you might need to consider Vehicle Recovery insurance.

Why Is It Important To Have Vehicle Recovery Insurance?

Firstly, at least a basic level of cover is required by law. You then have to think of exactly what else could have an impact on your business, and whether you would be able to continue trading if you weren’t insured and had to cover any costs out of your own pocket. Do you need cover for your own vehicles? What would happen if you were recovering a vehicle and when loading it caused damage to your own? Do you have tools and equipment that need cover? Do you need to protect your buildings and their contents? These are questions you would need to ask yourself when weighing up the type of policy to take out. 

Do you have any employees? If so then by law you must take out Employers’ Liability insurance, even if the employee is only doing an admin role. This will cover you and your staff should someone become injured, ill or even die as a result of any business activity. 

Public Liability should be considered especially if you have any dealings whatsoever where a customer is either on your premises or in and around your property. This will provide protection should any member of the public have an accident, get sick or even die as a result of your business activities. Many people now will only hire or work with a company that has taken out public liability insurance. This gives them the peace of mind that should the worst happen, everyone is protected.

So, in summary, here’s why you might need cover:

  • It is a Legal Requirement
  • Extras Are Good Business Practice
  • Can Provide Complete Cover
  • Trade Safely
  • To cover Vehicles you are recovering
  • To cover Vehicles You Are Delivering
  • To protect Your Buildings/Office
  • To cover Your Equipment & Tools

How To Get A Quote?

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