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Who Needs Vehicle Sales Insurance?

Find out more about who might need Vehicle Sales insurance.

Who Needs Vehicle Sales Insurance?

Read below to find out more about who might need Vehicle Sales insurance.

Who Needs Vehicle Sales Insurance?

Anyone who buys and sells, or fixes up and sells vehicles, whether they be cars, bikes, vans or any other type, should have a Vehicle Sales insurance policy in place to protect them, their business and their customers. 

If you sell cars for a living, chances are that potential customers will want to test drive one of your vehicles before buying it, in which case you’ll need insurance which offers demonstration cover; if you’ve worked on a vehicle, fitting new parts before selling it on, then you will need Product Liability cover in case any of the fitted parts are faulty or damaged; if you need to collect vehicles you’ve purchased from auction, or deliver them to customers, then you’ll need carriage of vehicles cover too. Usually a motor traders policy can be tailored to fit the needs of your business, with different levels of cover available depending what services your business offers, and what protection you want. 

There are different types of cover for vehicle salesmen working from home (Road Risk insurance), and motor traders working from a business premises (Combined insurance) – so who could use vehicle sales insurance?

  • Full time car traders & dealers
  • Part time car traders & dealers
  • Traders working from home
  • Traders working from premises
  • Traders offering customer test drives
  • Traders collecting cars from auction
  • Traders delivering cars to customers

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