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What Is Demonstration Cover? Find Out Here

Demonstration Cover For Motor Traders Explained

As a motor trader that sells cars as part of their business, you will often face requests from potential customers for test drives. Demonstration cover is a way of ensuring the vehicles you sell are insured on test drives.

Demonstration Cover is a way of ensuring the vehicles you sell are insured on test drives. For some Motor Trade insurance policies it may already be included, but for many, it may cost a little extra. However, do you really need it?

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What Does It Involve?

Demonstration Cover means that customers can test drive your vehicles, and they will be insured to do so under your Motor Trade insurance policy. However you will need to be a passenger in the car and your customer will need to have a full UK driving licence, so no unaccompanied test drives, and no provisional driving licences allowed.

Why Can’t You Rely On The Customer’s Insurance?

A lot of customers visiting your premises who wish to test drive cars may already be insured. However, they may not be insured to drive other people’s cars, and even if your vehicle is involved in an accident, you will have to go through their insurance company, which could make the claim process stressful and long winded.

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If You Don’t Have Demonstration Cover You Could Lose A Sale

Without the right cover in place, customers who wish to test drive your vehicles, but don’t have the necessary insurance cover themselves, will be left disappointed. Without having this cover, it may raise doubts in the customer’s mind as to how professional your business is, and may cause them to go elsewhere, meaning you could potentially be losing business if you do not have the ability to let prospective customers test drive your vehicles. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes… would you buy a vehicle without being able to test drive it?

Do You Need Motor Trade Insurance?

If you sell cars and need Motor Trade insurance with Demonstration Cover, get in touch with our team of experts, who can help you decide what motor trade cover you need. Click Get A Quote below or ring 0330 127 4100.