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Why Do I Need Motor Trade Insurance?

Find out why you might need to consider Motor Trade insurance.

Why Is It Important To Have Motor Trade Insurance?

If you operate a business in the motor trade then it is a legal requirement for you to have a basic level of motor trade insurance, and if you don’t then you are breaking the law. You can then decide if you need additional cover for specific activities or services your business may offer, so you’re fully protected should anything happen. As your business may well be your livelihood, it is important you consider exactly what you need to be protected against, and why you may need insurance, so if the worst happens, you’re fully covered. 

Here’s why you need Motor Trade insurance:

  • It is a Legal Requirement
  • For Demonstration Cover
  • For Split Indemnity Cover
  • For Liability Cover
  • For Stock of Vehicles Cover
  • For Motorbike Cover
  • For Employee Cover
  • For Multi Premises Cover
  • For Compound Cover
  • For Tool Cover
  • For Carriage of Vehicles Cover
  • For Recovery Truck Cover

How To Get A Quote?

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