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What is the Difference Between a Certificate of Motor Insurance and a Cover Note?

Both offer proof of insurance but a cover note is only temporary.

A Cover Note is a temporary Certificate of Motor Insurance and is issued to you while your full Motor Trade insurance documentation is processed and sent out. A Cover Note offers the same proof of insurance as a Certificate does, so if you were stopped by the police, or needed to provide proof of insurance for any other reason and you hadn’t yet received your Certificate of Motor Insurance, then your Cover Note would function the same, and should be valid as suitable proof.

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Usually a Cover Note, or as it is otherwise known, a Temporary Certificate of Motor Insurance, is only issued for 30 days, whereas the Certificate of Motor Insurance is usually issued for a period of 12 months or up until your renewal deadline. A Cover Note can be reissued for another 30 days in some circumstances, for example, if you are waiting to receive your driving licence from the DVLA. An extension of a Cover Note is extended at the discretion of the insurer, rather than the insurance broker, so is likely to be out of our hands.

The Temporary Cover Note will become void after 30 days or once you receive your Certificate of Motor Insurance. You should be issued with your Certificate of Motor Insurance once your insurance company has received and processed the necessary documents required. This is usually things like a driving licence, proof of No Claims Bonus, and proof of trading – it may vary from insurer to insurer, and may depend on what type of Motor Trade insurance, and what level of cover you take out.

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