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Will All My Vehicles Be Covered Under One Policy?

If you are wondering whether a single Motor Trade policy can cover your vehicles, the answer isn’t so straight forward as you can see in the below information.

Whether all of your vehicles will be covered under one Motor Trade insurance policy is a tricky question and will depend entirely on the specifics of your individual policy, your business and the vehicles you are looking to cover.

There are some Motor Trade insurance policies that may only cover cars, whereas others may also cover recovery vehicles, vans, trucks or even agricultural vehicles for example.

It will also differ by insurer too as some will be happy to look at high net worth vehicles such as sports cars, while others may not. We have a panel of insurers, each with their own criteria of what they will and won’t cover, but hopefully, whatever type of vehicle you want included, we can find a policy that’s right for you. Some companies may exclude certain vehicles, or increase your premium in order to provide cover for them. Some may also add specific terms if you want to cover modified vehicles, imported vehicles, sports or high performance vehicles, classic cars or motorbikes.

The types, quantity and value of vehicles on your policy will be one of the factors that determine how much you pay; if you have lots of high value vehicles on your policy, you will likely pay a higher premium than if you only had a few smaller value cars included.

If you run a motor trade business and the vehicles you want covering on a Motor Trade insurance policy aren’t just standard cars, or if you want to speak to one of our experts to discuss your policy and vehicle cover requirements, call our team today on 0330 127 4100.