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Will I Have Windscreen Cover Under My Policy?

You can add Windscreen cover to your Motor Trade insurance policy.

Windscreen cover is an essential part of any insurance policy whether it’s an insurance policy for Motor Traders, a Convicted Driver insurance policy or perhaps a Young Driver insurance policy, which is why it’s important to make sure your insurance covers it.

When it comes to Motor Trade insurance, windscreen cover can vary depending on what type of policy you have. For Road Risk policies, if you have a Third Party Only, or Third Party, Fire & Theft (TP,F&T)level of cover, then you will not be covered for any damage to your car, whether it’s a cracked windscreen or a dent in one of the bumpers, though with TP,F&T, your vehicle will be covered if it is stolen or fire damaged.

If you have a Comprehensive policy you will be able to claim under the ‘Own Damage’ section of your Motor Trade insurance policy. This would, however, mean claiming on your insurance policy and would go down as a fault claim meaning you would lose any No Claims Discount (also known as No Claims Bonus) you had built up, unless you protect your No Claims Discount. This would also mean an additional loading on any renewal or new business quote, as these would be higher than had you not had to make a claim.

Some Motor Trade insurers may allow you to add Windscreen Cover to your existing policy, while others may require it to be set up as a standalone policy. With the standalone policies, should you need to make a claim it would not affect your No Claims Discount of your main Motor Trade policy. Some insurers may also offer you the ability to protect your Windscreen cover for an additional fee, which would mean you wouldn’t lose your Excess in the event of a claim. 

The Windscreen cover only applies to your own personal vehicle(s) and is linked to the registration number of that vehicle; it would not cover any stock vehicles or business vehicles on your policy. Also, if you were to change your personal vehicle(s), you would need to make sure that you change the vehicle details on the Windscreen policy, otherwise you might end up not being covered if your windscreen gets cracked or needs replacing.

If you have a Combined Motor Trade insurance policy, you will automatically have Windscreen cover, however this is still only for your personal vehicle(s), and any windscreen claim required for one of your stock vehicles or your business vehicles, would have to come under your Stock of Vehicles cover.

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