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Will the Cover Extend to My Other Non-motor Business?

Cover for non Motor Trade business use is generally restricted to certain professions, it’s best to ask your Trade Car insurer.

If you have a motor trade business but also have a second occupation, then you may be able to add cover for this to your existing Motor Trade insurance policy – this is called Additional Business Use.

Additional Business Use can be subject to certain restrictions and is often only available for some occupations – here is a list of some of the occupations that may or may not be able to get covered for ABU: 

Tradesman – if you have a second occupation as a builder, plumber, electrician or plasterer, then these are typically covered with Additional Business Use.

Other building trade related occupations usually not covered include scaffolders or roofers due to type of equipment that is transported in their vehicles, and the way it is typically carried.

Nurse – if you have a second job as a nurse, then this can usually be covered, as long as you do not carry any patients or medications with you in the vehicles being covered.

Beauticians – insurers generally do not offer cover to motor traders with a second job in beautician business due to the nature of the materials and chemicals they may use for their work, and therefore carry with them in their vehicle.

Take-Away Delivery Drivers – if you have a second occupation as a delivery driver for a restaurant or take-away business, then this is usually not something that can be added to your Motor Trade insurance policy.

Taxi Drivers & Couriers – if you are a taxi driver or courier as a second occupation then these will typically not be coverable on your Trade insurance policy due to the amount of driving done and the potential risk to the insurers.

The above is not an exhaustive list – it’s just a few examples to give you an idea. If you currently have, or are considering getting, a second occupation as well as your motor trade job, and you are thinking about getting cover, please call your broker and check first. Do not assume you will be covered. It’s always better to make a phone call and check, than run the risk and find out you’re not covered once it’s too late!