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Can You Drive Any Car on a Motor Trade Policy?

Find Out What Cars You Can Drive

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Brits Spend Over £20 Billion A Year To Keep Cars Going

Good News If You’re A Motor Trader!

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SMMT Warning After Car Production Reaches 16-Year High

Future Growth Uncertain

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DVSA Launch New Qualification for MOT Testers

The new DVSA qualification for MOT testers explained, when it comes into force and if you need it.

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How Much Will a Motor Trade Insurance Policy Cost?

When buying a Motor Trade policy make sure cost isn’t the only thing you focus on.

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Motor Trade Monthly Round Up For May 2016

The Latest Motor Trade News For May 2016

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Will Offering Car Finance Improve Vehicle Sales?

Offering car finance options could be a way to help boost your vehicle sales, as car finance opens up new ways for your customers to get the car they want.

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Are The UK's MOT Rules Getting Too Relaxed?

Changes mean some classic cars will no longer need MOTs.


Why UK Drivers Could Face Huge Fines For EU Driving Offences

The new EU Directive explained, what you could be fined for, how and why!

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MOT Test to Remain At Three Years

Government backs down from decision to increase MOT tests from three years to four years for new vehicles.

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The Most Common Questions About Motor Trade Insurance

Common questions about Motor Trade insurance answered, including the minimum age a trader needs to be.

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New Car Registrations Reach New High In 2015

Registrations Hit Record 2.63 Million In One Year

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Motor Trade Monthly Round Up February 2016

Motor Trade News February 2016

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Up to 50 Percent of Motorists Plan to Buy New

More motorists are choosing new cars for their next purchase.

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Things To Consider When Purchasing A Motor Trade Policy

Whether it’s your first time taking out Motor Trade insurance or you are renewing your existing policy, here are some things to consider.

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Save Money & Make Your Garage Environmentally Friendly

Suggestions on how to make your garage more environmentally friendly.

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Who Might Need A Motor Trade Insurance Policy?

If you run a motor trade business you will need to take out a Motor Trade insurance policy to make sure you are properly covered.

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