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Motor Trade Monthly Round Up December 2016

All The News From The Month Of December

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DVSA Launch New Qualification for MOT Testers

The new DVSA qualification for MOT testers explained, when it comes into force and if you need it.


What Are The Top 10 Fastest Selling Cars In June?

From Citroen To Mercedes The Best Selling Cars On Auto Trader

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Will Offering Car Finance Improve Vehicle Sales?

Offering car finance options could be a way to help boost your vehicle sales, as car finance opens up new ways for your customers to get the car they want.

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Is It Time To Start Offering Online Sales?

With online sales continuing to rise, should you start offering this service?

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Motor Trade Monthly Round Up February 2016

Motor Trade News February 2016

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Motor Trade Monthly Round Up January 2017

Motor Trade News From The First Month Of 2017

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How to Improve Your Online Presence as a Motor Trader

Top tips for motor traders looking to boost and improve their online presence, from Motor Trade insurance broker Think Insurance.

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Top Tips To Get The Right Motor Trade Insurance Policy

Looking for tips to get the right Motor Trade insurance policy at a price that works for your motor trade business? Read on.

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Add Your Spouse To Your Motor Trade Insurance Policy

You can add your spouse or partner to your Motor Trade insurance policy as long as you cohabit, saving your household money.

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You Must Keep The MID Updated If You Are A Motor Trader

Failure to update the Motor Insurance Database could result in legal repercussions as you would not be in compliance with motor insurance laws.

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Motor Traders May Not Covered Under Home Insurance

Do You Run Your Business From Home? Are You Actually Covered?

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What Insurance Do You Need for Selling Cars?

If you want to sell cars for a living you will need insurance


How Many Vehicle Fires Are There Annually?

This can't be real..


Used Car Dealers Could Break Law by Selling This Car

Important Information

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Should Motor Traders Show Prices Online?

As a motor trader, should you show your prices online? Like showing Motor Trade insurance quotes online, it’s not always a simple answer.

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What Are the Top 10 Selling Cars in January 2016?

Is your car on the Top 10 list?

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