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News for motor traders, convicted drivers, young drivers and general motorists.

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Motor Trade Insurance for Convicted Drivers

You can still take out a Motor Trade insurance policy even if you have convictions whether they are motoring related or not.

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The Death Of Diesel And How It Affects Motor Traders

A look at the recent history of the diesel engine and how its future might affect motor traders.

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Should Motor Traders Show Prices Online?

As a motor trader, should you show your prices online? Like showing Motor Trade insurance quotes online, it’s not always a simple answer.

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Do You Need Motor Trade Public Liability Insurance?

It’s Not A Legal Requirement But Maybe You Should Consider It

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Motor Trade Monthly Round Up August 2017 News

News for Motor Traders looking at what happened in August 2017.


Used Car Dealers Could Break Law by Selling This Car

Important Information

News Today

Top Three Motor Trade Stories from April

Three motor trade news stories you should read. From MOT changes to Motor Ombudsman growth.

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Can You Drive Any Car on a Motor Trade Policy?

Find Out What Cars You Can Drive

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Motor Trade News Monthly Round Up August 2016 News

News From The Last Month

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IMI Say Government Need To Invest In Electric Mechanics

Calls For Government To Invest In Electric Car Mechanics


One in 10 Dealers Unaware of April VED Changes

Do You Know What’s Going To Change?

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The UKs Worst MOT Pass Rates Revealed

Scotland and South West England Top The Table For MOT Failures

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Will Offering Car Finance Improve Vehicle Sales?

Offering car finance options could be a way to help boost your vehicle sales, as car finance opens up new ways for your customers to get the car they want.

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Top Three Motor Trade Stories from February

The three most important Motor Trade stories from February.

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Additions and Optional Extras for Motor Trade Policies

How you can enhance your Motor Trade insurance policy with add ons.

News Today

Top Three Motor Trade Stories from April

Three motor trade news stories you should read. From MOT changes to Motor Ombudsman growth.

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Who Might Need A Motor Trade Insurance Policy?

If you run a motor trade business you will need to take out a Motor Trade insurance policy to make sure you are properly covered.

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