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One in 10 Dealers Unaware of April VED Changes

Do You Know What’s Going To Change?

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Do You Need Motor Trade Public Liability Insurance?

It’s Not A Legal Requirement But Maybe You Should Consider It

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What Is Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Professional Indemnity insurance is a type of liability insurance that protects you against claims from disgruntled clients.

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Add Your Spouse To Your Motor Trade Insurance Policy

You can add your spouse or partner to your Motor Trade insurance policy as long as you cohabit, saving your household money.

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Will Offering Car Finance Improve Vehicle Sales?

Offering car finance options could be a way to help boost your vehicle sales, as car finance opens up new ways for your customers to get the car they want.

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Motor Trade Monthly Round Up December 2016

All The News From The Month Of December


Ford Transit Lock Picker Sold On Amazon Causes Anger

Ford Transit drivers were left outraged after a lock picker was made easily available to thieves on Amazon.

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Who Needs To Have Motor Trade Insurance?

Who Exactly Might Need Motor Trade Insurance?

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Kicked Out Of School To £1 Billion In Sales

A Motor Traders Fairy Tale

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How to prevent Motor Trade Policy Cancellations

How to prevent Motor Trade Policy Cancellations

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Motor Trade Monthly Round Up September 2016 News

Catch Up On Everything That’s Happened In The Last Month

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Can You Drive Any Car on a Motor Trade Policy?

Find Out What Cars You Can Drive

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Motor Trade Monthly Round Up October 2016

News From October

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The Benefits Of Being A Part Time Motor Trader

Thinking About Flipping Cars On The Side?

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MOT Test to Remain At Three Years

Government backs down from decision to increase MOT tests from three years to four years for new vehicles.

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You Must Keep The MID Updated If You Are A Motor Trader

Failure to update the Motor Insurance Database could result in legal repercussions as you would not be in compliance with motor insurance laws.

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Motor Trade Monthly Round Up April 2017 News

All the most important news for motor traders from the month of April

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