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The Benefits Of Being A Part Time Motor Trader

Thinking About Flipping Cars On The Side?

If you’re looking to get in to the motor industry and become a part-time motor trader, it allows you to explore a motor trade occupation in your spare time, without the risks of starting a new full time career or business.

Learn The Market Before Going Full Time

If you do intend to eventually become a full time motor trader, then getting a feel for it by doing it on a part-time basis is a good way to get started, plus it allows you to learn a bit about the market you’re entering in to before making a full commitment.

It also gives you the opportunity to hone your skills and learn from minor mistakes, before taking the leap and becoming a full time motor trader.

Extra Income

Operating on a part-time basis means you can also carry on with your current profession or seek out another venture, meaning your part-time motor trade business can help subsidise other aspects of your life, whether they are commercial or personal.

Choose Your Own Hours

As a part-time motor trader, it also means that you can work when you want to work, or when you’ve got the time. This is especially useful if you’re fitting your part-time motor trade venture around a full-time job or other commitments.

Part-time motor traders are able to be flexible in the hours they work, which could mean more business from prospective clients that need to be seen outside of traditional working hours.

Work From Home

Being part-time may also mean that you won’t need the use of designated or specialist facilities, so you can work from home which will save you money and potentially time, especially if you’re fitting it around another job.


If you’re thinking about becoming a part-time motor trader, you will need specialist part-time motor trade insurance, whether it’s for flipping cars or fixing them up to sell on, so get in touch today for a quote by calling 0800 221 8077.