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Traders Insurance Under 25

Restrictions apply to motor traders under the age of 25 when applying for insurance.

As a motor trader under the age of 25, or a trader with an employee, spouse or business partner under the age of 25, you may have already found that it can be difficult to find a Motor Trade insurance policy that covers them.

Restrictions on young drivers isn’t just limited to Motor Trade insurance; it affects regular motorists looking for Car insurance too, which is why our Black Box Young Driver insurance policy is so popular amongst young drivers. Unfortunately, there isn’t an equivalent policy for motor traders under the age of 25, as logistically this isn’t possible for many types of professions in the motor trade.

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We pride ourselves on offering a great service to our customers, which is why we work with a selection of handpicked and trusted insurers to offer motor traders the right Motor Trade insurance policy for them. Unfortunately, this means we aren’t able to serve traders under the age of 25 as easily as older traders in the industry.

However there are a few select insurers that we work with where we can offer someone under the age of 25, a Motor Trade insurance policy, although there are restrictions and requirements to be met along with the usual terms and conditions of a Trade Car insurance policy offered by Think Insurance.

How to Get Traders Insurance Under 25

To obtain a Traders insurance under 25 policy through Think Insurance you must be over the age of 23 if you are the main motor trader on the policy. If you own a motor trade business and would like to add an employee onto your Traders insurance policy then they must be above the age of 21.

In addition to the age rule, motor traders under the age of 25 are required to have at least two years driving experience and a period of no claims such as a year’s No Claims Bonus. Experience in the motor trade industry is looked on favourably and may lower the price of your Traders insurance under 25 quote. There are also stricter requirements for motor traders under the age of 25 as to where the vehicles are kept, where the business is run from, and an additional excess may also be required.

The above restrictions and requirements are for a Road Risk Only Motor Trade insurance policy. If you were to opt for a Combined Motor Trade insurance policy then you may find that the restrictions and requirements are more relaxed. 

Finding a Motor Trader insurance policy for under 25s can be a difficult task, and not a lot of Motor Trade insurers offer this type of policy. As you can see for those brokers that do, there are many restrictions and requirements which make it harder to get a policy, so always bear this in mind when looking for cover for anyone under 25 years old.

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Traders Insurance Under 25 Quote

If you think you may meet the requirements for an Under 25 Motor Trade insurance policy, then we would be happy to discuss your options. To speak to a member of our Traders insurance team please click ‘Get a Quote’ below, or to be put through to a Motor Trade insurance expert, please call 0800 221 8077.