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A Guide On How You Can Prepare Your Car For Spring

Make Sure Your Car Is Ready For Spring

Whether your car is your pride and joy, or just a method to get you from A to B, Spring has arrived and it’s time to get it ready for the warm weather that will soon arrive (hopefully), using these helpful motor tips.

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Change Your Tyres

Whether you put winter tyres on your vehicle or not, they still need checking as the seasons change. Cold weather can affect your tyre pressure, and low pressure can result in a stiff ride, a reduction in fuel economy and poorer steering response. As such, for both safety and financial reasons, it’s essential to check your tyre pressure, and it’s best to do this when the tyres are cold because warm tyres may give a false reading. Once you’ve taken the measurements, make sure that you consult the owner’s manual to compare the readings, and adjust accordingly. Another thing that can be done is to rotate the tyres. This is necessary as the front tyres wear quicker than the rear tyres, so rotating them not only maximises their lifespan but also equalises the tread wear. If you did switch to winter tyres then you should change them back, as they will wear down more quickly in the spring and summer months.

Inspect Your Breaks

Whilst working on the tyres it’s a great opportunity to check the brakes too. You need to look for things like dirt and rust, and any issues that may need to be dealt with so that your breaks operate perfectly. However, before you remove your tyres you should test your breaks, listen for any unusual sounds, and take note of response times - be sure to do this in a safe environment so you don’t endanger anyone else.

Check Your Alignment

The winter weather causes more potholes in the road and driving over them can cause your vehicle problems. You can check if your steering alignment is ok by seeing if the car veers to one side when driving. If this is the case then you should address it as soon as possible as this can cause extra tension on the tyres - which wears them out more quickly. If there is a problem, take your car to a qualified mechanic, and get the alignment sorted as soon as possible.

Give Your Car A Wash

Give your car a thorough clean, making sure to wash the undercarriage, as salt, dirt, and grime can build up on the underside of the car during the Winter months. If left untouched it can lead to rust and other problems. Spray down your vehicle, thoroughly washing under the bumpers and beneath the wheel wells, and anywhere else that dirt can splash into, before giving your car a warm wash with a proper vehicle shampoo.

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Windscreen Wipers

If you can’t remember the last time you replaced your windscreen wipers then it’s probably time to change them as part of your preparation for spring driving. Most windscreen wipers have a shelf life of approximately 6 months-to–a-year, and if you’ve had an especially bad winter then it might be time to change them soon. Give your windscreen a wash with the windscreen fluid and see how well the wipers deal with the water. If they still work well, then a thorough clean may be the only thing needed.

Clean The Interior

As part of getting your car ready for spring, why not give the inside of your car a good spring clean? Get rid of any clutter and thoroughly clean your floor mats. Make sure your carpets aren’t damp as this can cause problems for any electrical wiring underneath them. Also be sure to check your pedals haven’t been worn down too much by the winter muck on your shoes.

Inspect The Rest Of Your Car

Make sure to check your battery, spark plugs, hoses, belts, and anything else you haven’t already inspected. Be sure to check your fluid and oil levels too, and it might be a good idea to swap your air filter for a new one, as all of the winter dirt can reduce the mileage your car gets.

Now Spring Clean Your Finances

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