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Euro 2016: Who Wins On The Road? Cars Compared

The Most Popular Cars In Each Euro 2016 Country

Ever wondered what England and Wales’ opponents Slovakia are likely to drive, or what the bestselling car in Iceland is? Well, look no further!

Group A

Va Va Voom, the top spot for the host nation, France, goes to the Renault Clio. Not a huge surprise there. Good news! Another homegrown product, the Dacia Logan takes the top spot for Romania. In Switzerland the Skoda Octavia reigns supreme, while in Albania the figures aren’t recorded but many estimations point to the VW Golf or Opel Astra.

Group B

If football is coming home, what’s it likely to be transported in once it gets to England? The answer is a Ford Fiesta, and that goes for Wales too. In Russia it’s homegrown Lada which takes the top spot with the Ganta proving to be the most popular, whereas the Skoda Fabia is the top dog in Slovakia.

Group C

Unsurprisingly, Germany’s bestselling car is the Volkswagen Golf with VW dominating, and in Ukraine the Toyota Rav4 is the most popular. In Poland the Skoda Octavia is number one, whilst Northern Ireland follows the rest of the UK, with the Ford Fiesta the most sold car.

Group D

The group of death! Surprisingly Spain’s own Seat has been beaten to the throne with the Opel Corsa proving to be the popular choice, but in the Czech Republic it’s homegrown that tops the table, with the Skoda Octavia. In Croatia the VW Golf is the bestseller, and in Turkey it’s the Renault Fluence.

Group E

The Belgian’s prefer cars from their neighbours to the east, with the VW Golf the bestselling car in Belgium, and in Italy it’s a homegrown product which is the top seller with the Fiat Panda outpacing the competition. The Republic of Ireland bucks the British Isles trend of the Ford Fiesta, with the Hyundai Tycoon the most popular, and in Sweden it’s no surprise to see Volvo at number one with the V90.

Group F

No love for their Spanish neighbours in Portugal, as the Iberian country prefers France’s Renault Clio, and in Iceland the Skoda Octavia makes a return topping the charts in the island country. It’s neighbourly love for Austria with the VW Golf taking top spot, and Hungary throws us a twist with the Suzuki Vitara.

And The Winner Is…

Going by the stats, Europe’s most popular new car is VW Golf, but going by each country individually, then it looks like the Skoda Octavia edges it as the winner. Is this a good omen for The Germans and the Czech Republic? Who knows, but we’re going to be tuning in to find out over the coming weeks.