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Ultra Low Emission Vehicle Insurance

Cover for Electric Vehicles, Hybrids and Plug-in Hybrids

We have a Car insurance policy that is tailor-made for owners of electric cars, hybrids and plug-in hybrids, with features and benefits specific to Ultra Low Emission Vehicles, and can include our EXCLUSIVE Sustainable Mobility Bundle offering a number of green benefits worth up to £250!

What is Electric, Hybrid & Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Insurance?

Our Electric, Hybrid & Plug-In Hybrid insurance is a type of Car insurance policy that is specifically catered towards drivers of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles. This type of policy was created with the needs of Ultra Low Emission Vehicle users in mind, recognising the different nature of the cars being driven and also the lifestyle of their owners.

We have a number of policies available, some of which have specific electric vehicle related features including:

  • Damage to your battery if involved in an accident
  • Cover for portable charging equipment and cables if they are lost, damaged or stolen whilst in your car or private garage
  • Cover for your legal liability if someone trips over charging cables, whilst your car is being charged at home

Not only that, but we’ve partnered with Zoom to bring you a bundle of additional benefits specific to green vehicles and lifestyles, giving you discounts off a number of third-party products and services, including discounts on parking, home charging and green energy. Some of our policies come with the bundle included, while others may be eligible to have it added on for a small additional cost. Ask one of our team for more details.

Who are Zoom?

We’ve partnered with Zoom, a company whose main goal is to play a leading role in fighting against climate change. They’re here to help us bring you the best insurance package available for Ultra LEV owners, by offering a bundle of discounts and offers that help you to make sustainable transport choices and save you money at the same time!

Putting their money where their mouth is, Zoom as a business has committed to contributing 10% of all of their profits to projects that remove plastics from our oceans and re-building coral reefs.

Here are the great offers currently included in the Zoom bundle:


Plugsurfing understand the issue many potential EV drivers have which is the constant worry of being stuck with an empty battery. With 7 years of experience under their belt, Plugsurfing have been working across the country to provide as many as 1,000 charging points across the UK, and 110,000 across the EU, by working closely with reputable charging operators such as Allego & Vattenfall.

Plugsurfing Key Chain

It’s simple and easy, all you need is one single charging key. This normally costs €9.95, but you get it for FREE with the Zoom bundle.

There is no subscription cost - you only pay when you charge. Not only that but with their easy to navigate app you can locate the closest charging hub with the click of a button.


Q-Park are one of Europe’s leading parking service providers. They strive to provide high quality parking that is safe and secure for all its customers. Q-Park car parks are well equipped to be as convenient as possible for anybody away from home – they offer unique services such as umbrella hire, buggy hire, shoe shine machines, jump starters and heart defibrillators.

Q-Park aims to provide an excellent service to all users and aims to promote and provide electric car charging points. These points are subject to location and the charging points are charged separately to the parking.

With ZOOM you get a 20% discount to use on Pre-Booked Parking with Q-Park, which could save you significant amounts of money across the year!

Tonik Green Energy

Tonik are a multi-award-winning provider of green energy. They provide access to 100% Renewable Electricity, sustainable green gas and the option to offset carbon emissions. With the world getting Greener, you want to get the most out of your money and Tonik strives to cut your energy bills by half within the next 5 years!

Not only do ZOOM give you £60 off their greenest tariffs, but if you pay by Direct Debit you’ll also receive an additional £20 credit per fuel. So, if you select both electric and gas with Tonik you’ll receive £40 off, giving a total potential saving of £100!

Tonik Home Charging

Tonik have ensured that they have hand-picked the very best smart home EV Chargers that the UK market has to offer. Their mission is to ensure that their customers have the best service possible while caring for the planet. The home chargers are expertly installed by professionals who provide a quick, seamless and informed installation, and also come with 3 years of manufacturer and installation warranties.

The Zoom bundle entitles you to 10% off their market leading chargers which start at £479 prior to the discount.

Zoom are continually working hard on securing additional deals and benefits, so make sure you continue checking back to see if anything else has been added to the bundle.

Other Reasons To Choose Think

As well as all of the above, some of the standard policy features that can be offered with our Car insurance can include:

  • Great Rates for Drivers Aged 17-70
  • No Claims Bonus Protection
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Legal Protection Cover Available
  • Up to 70% NCB Discount
  • Free EU Cover up to 90 Days

Our Team have been specially trained to provide the best policy for you. With a UK based call centre, we can offer a knowledgeable and friendly service to go with our great rates.

Why Choose To Go Electric?

If you’re looking to do your bit to help preserve our environment, then you may have already made the swap and got behind the wheel of an Ultra Low Emission Vehicle. With traditional fuel costs increasing more and more each year, so is the demand for electric vehicles, hybrids and plug-in hybrids.

That said, it is not only the potential fuel cost factor that has pushed the increasing popularity in low emission vehicles. By 2040 there are plans for all new vehicles in the UK to be ‘effectively zero emission’ in an attempt to tackle the ever-growing air pollution problem. Not only that, the issue is becoming so severe that UK Government are considering bringing this deadline forward to 2032, meaning that this will halt the production of petrol and diesel cars completely.

All of this is good news for fans of electric vehicles! Due to the demand, there are an increasing variety of Electric Vehicles hitting the streets. Not only that, but car companies realise that brand new electric vehicles are currently slightly out of reach for some people and so there have been talks of schemes coming into place that allow companies to convert your current petrol or diesel vehicle into an electric counterpart. We’ll be keeping an eye out for more news on this in the future.

Is Insurance More Expensive For a Low Emission Vehicle?

While the initial costs of an Electric Vehicle seem scary at first, you may find that they are far less daunting when acquired through the right method. In an ideal world, and potentially over the next few years, Low Emission Vehicles will flood the streets rather than Diesel and Petrol fuelled cars, and the UK Government are keen to help the process by offering a grant of up to £3,500 on certain EVs to help people make the switch.

Another positive is that if you have a pure EV then you don’t have to worry about the cost of fuel again, and even with Hybrids, the fuel required is far less than it was previously with older versions. Along with fuel costs, Road Tax costs are either extremely minimal, or zero cost at all! One of the biggest changes planned for the UK will be the introduction of a scheme for air quality charges for vehicles that aren’t zero emission. You guessed it, EVs are generally exempt from both that and congestion charges, so there are further cost benefits in future.

Electric Car Charging

How to Get Lower Electric Car Insurance Premiums

Lower Mileage

To an Insurer, the fewer miles you drive, the less opportunity you have to be involved in an accident. Therefore, it may be beneficial to think about and calculate your predicted mileage before getting a quote, to make sure you aren’t paying for more miles than you’ll actually need. However, don’t be tempted to try and get a cheaper policy by lying about your miles and declaring less than you need. While it might not seem like a big problem, if you end up having an accident and your Insurer discovers your increased mileage, then they could reject your claim, leaving you to pay for any losses out of your own pocket. At the moment, as the number of miles an electric vehicle can do on a single charge is lower than a normal tank of fuel, EVs are likely to travel fewer miles at any one time, meaning your annual mileage may reduce anyway.

Increase your Excess

Opting for a higher Excess may allow an insurer to lower your premium. This is the amount you would have to contribute in the event of a claim so it is vital that it is affordable for you.

Drive Carefully

It goes without saying, but the more years of claim-free driving you achieve, the bigger the discount Insurers can give when it comes time to renew your policy.

Arrange Your Insurance Via Phone

Despite all the comparison sites that will quickly drum up the “best deal” for you in the click of a button, it isn’t always the case that online quotes can be cheaper. It is often quicker and cheaper to deal with insurance quotes over the phone, particularly with us. We have access to exclusive rates on Car insurance which aren’t available online, so if you don’t pick up the phone and talk to us, you could be losing out! Give us a call today!