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Some Electric Cars Are Being Recalled 2016

Four Car Companies Recall Electric Vehicles After Faults Are Discovered.

Last month Renault recalled their ZOE model worldwide, while the Tesla Model X, Volkswagen e-Golf and the Nissan Leaf were recalled in the US, according to the BBC.


On the 24th March, Renault said that the position of the brake fluid hose needed to be checked to ensure that by coming into contact with a part that is designed to protect the ZOE’s front wheel arch, the hose would not be damaged, reported BBC News. While the company announced it was not aware of any accidents caused by the issue, the recall affects 10,648 vehicles with about 1,000 being in the UK. In 2015 Renault was the top performing brand for electrical vehicle sales in Europe.


Only just recently the Californian manufacturer recalled 2,700 of their Model X SUVs in the US, due to a fault with the back seats. The issue which affects Model X SUVs built after 26th March, concerns a hinge in a third-row seat which had failed after a crash test. However Tesla maintains the rest of the car is safe to use.

Volkswagen And Nissan

Also in the US, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that there had been complaints of vehicles unexpectedly stalling due to the e-Golfs’s battery. The recall involves all 5,561 vehicles shipped to the US. The NHTSA also reported that the electronic brake booster in Nissan Leafs could freeze during cold temperatures. The BBC reported Nissan had previously been aware of the issue before recalling the vehicles, telling mechanics to upgrade the software when the cars were brought in for service.

Image of a VW e-Golf

Exception Or The Rule?

With electric cars being newer, and there being fewer of them on the roads in the UK, it’s still early days to know whether these sort of problems and recalls are going to be regular occurrences for electric cars and their owners, or whether they are just teething problems that will be ironed out in the next few years as they increase in popularity and the technology continues to develop. Either way, we will be watching with interest…

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