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Who Needs Car Insurance?

Read below to find out more about who might need Travel insurance.

Who Will Need Car insurance?

If you have just bought a new/used car and your vehicle is going to either be driven or parked in a public place, then you will need Car Insurance by law. Similarly, if your policy has lapsed or has come to the end of your period of insurance then you will also need to arrange cover. Even if your car will not yet be driven and is parked on your drive or in a garage, you still may want to take out insurance as, unfortunately, both accidents and thefts do happen. Most Insurers will generally cover drivers from the ages of 17-70. It doesn’t matter whether you have just passed or have been driving for half a century, you will still need the same Car Insurance policy.

So who needs car insurance? Basically, anyone who:

  • Has Bought A New Car
  • Current Policy Is Ending
  • Is Aged 17+
  • Requires Theft Cover
  • Needs Cover Against Fire
  • Wants Damage Cover

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