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Cover For Classic & Vintage Cars At Affordable Prices

We can help you find a classic car insurance policy to cover your pride and joy in case anything should happen. Our agreed valuation service ensures you can protect the value of your vehicle, while discounts for club membership and low mileage mean you can get quality cover at a competitive price. You can also take out a multi-vehicle policy to cover all your vehicles. Get a quote today!

What Is Classic Car Insurance And What Does It Cover?

A Classic Car insurance policy is there to protect your pride and joy, whether it’s your current project in pieces in your garage, your weekend car, or you use it to get you from A to B on a daily basis. There are three levels of cover; Third Party Only, Third Party, Fire & Theft and Comprehensive. With various options to choose from, like agreed valuation, limited mileage or rally and show cover, make sure you’ve got a policy that covers everything you need.

Classic Car Insurance Explained

Where your everyday car might merely be functional, your classic car will probably be your passion, and your pride and joy, so making sure you have it properly covered is going to be vital. As with most motor insurance products, there are 3 levels of cover to choose from; A Third party Only Policy will only cover damage that is caused by you to any third parties, both for property damage and personal injury. It is important to note that with this type of policy however, your own car will not have any protection, and any repairs would have to be made out of your own pocket.  Third Party, Fire & Theft will also cover any third party, but with this policy you will also have protection for your own vehicle for any damages caused from fire or if it were to be stolen. Finally there is Comprehensive, which covers your own vehicle’s damage too.
On top of the three levels of cover there may also be some additional extras that you could add to your policy, including things like breakdown cover, track day cover, limited mileage discounts, agreed valuation cover and much more – for more details ask your insurance provider or broker. Plus if you are a member of a classic car owners club then there is a good chance that you could benefit from further discounts. In most cases the cost of joining a club is outweighed by the discount you could get on your insurance premium.

So what type of cover is available for classic car owners?
  • Classic Car Insurance
  • Project Car insurance
  • Future Classic Insurance
  • Limited Mileage Cover
  • Modified Classic Cover
  • Track Day Cover
  • Exhibition Cover
  • Show & Rally Cover
  • Club Member Discounts
  • Breakdown Cover
  • Agreed Value Cover
  • Multi Vehicle Cover

Who Will Need Classic Car Insurance?

The type of vehicles that fall under a Classic Car policy will vary and everyone’s idea of which vehicles are perceived to be ‘classic’ are different.  They can range from the iconic 1961 Jaguar E-Type to modern classics such as an Aston Martin DB7. It doesn’t even matter if your classic car is road worthy and driven regularly, it’s exhibited at rallies and shows, or is a dream you are working towards and currently still under construction, this type of policy can cover them all!

So Who Needs Classic Car insurance? Basically, Anyone Requiring Cover For:
  • Project Cars
  • Classic Cars
  • Future Classics
  • Exhibitions & Rallies
  • Classic Track Days
  • Weekend Drivers
  • Modified Classic Cars

Why Is It Important To Have Classic Car Insurance?

Classic Car Insurance is not too dissimilar from a private car policy. The main distinctions are the fact that classic car owners are generally seen to drive more carefully and drive fewer miles, and so the price of a policy will usually reflect this! Sometimes, classic cars are bought as investments, and hardly ever driven at all so the policy will acknowledge both of these factors in its premium.
Having a minimum level of insurance on your vehicle is required by law - you must have at least Third Party Only cover. Classic cars will often have a higher value and as such, if anything were to happen to the vehicle, it is important to have cover in place so you don’t have to pay for repairs or even a replacement out of your own pocket. If you take your classic vehicle to shows, exhibitions or rallies, then having cover in place is key in case anything happens on the way to and from, or while at an event. Likewise, if you take your vehicle to track days then it is highly recommended to have the appropriate cover in place. Very often your classic car is your pride and joy, and nobody wants to have invested all of the time and money on a vehicle only for something to happen and you risk losing it all.

Helping Classic Car Owners Find Cheaper Insurance

At Think, we love insuring classic car enthusiasts and we understand what makes a quality classic car insurance policy. We can arrange for an agreed valuation service to run alongside your policy, meaning that should you be involved in an accident and need to make a claim for total loss, then you will be paid the certified value of the vehicle, minus the policy excess. We offer up to 15% discount for club members, and further savings for owners driving fewer miles throughout the year. We can offer modified classic car cover too, recognising that sometimes when you’re repairing or restoring vehicles you may need to use non-standard parts, or make alterations to improve performance and increase vehicle value. For those owners that like taking their cars to shows, rallies and track days, you can add these additional covers to your policy too. We tailor our cover to match your requirements, and you can build a policy to include all the additional extras you need. We offer unlimited UK protection, and European cover for up to 90 days a year. Speak to one of our specialist classic car team and see which of the following features you could benefit from:

  • Agreed Valuation Service
  • Club Member Discounts
  • Limited Mileage Discounts
  • Modified Classic Car Policies
  • Multi-Vehicle Policies
  • Track Day & Rally Cover
  • EU Cover Up To 90 Days
  • UK Breakdown Cover
  • Instalment Options Available

Why Should You Choose Think For Your Classic Car Insurance?

Are you still looking for more reasons to get a Classic Car insurance quote from Think? No problem, here are some additional features and benefits of our specialist Classic Car insurance products:

  • Introductory discounts available
  • Up to 65% No claims discount
  • Discounts for agreed Classic Car Club members
  • Additional low mileage discounts
  • Quick, easy & hassle free insurance
  • 24/7/365 UK based claims helpline
  • Flexible payment and instalment options available
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