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Tips On How To Look After Your Classic Car

Classic Car Care

To prevent your classic car from showing its age, there are a few golden rules that you can stick to, to ensure that your classic automobile stays in tip-top condition.

Store Your Car

Storing your classic in a garage or a storage facility protects the metal and chrome work of the car from becoming corroded or tarnished when subjected to bad weather. It is important to ensure that your storage facility is as free from damp as possible. Another aspect that is worth considering, is purchasing a storage bubble or a dehumidifier for additional protection from environmental conditions.

Start Your Car Frequently

To keep your car in order, it is best to start your car at least once every two weeks, allowing it to reach the normal running temperature before switching the engine off. The car should additionally be driven a few miles if possible as this prevents problems such as brakes and clutches sticking or failing hydraulics.

Leave The Handbrake Off

On older cars, cables can seize up and fail to release when letting the brake off. Keep the car in gear or use chocks under the wheels to keep the car in place if it is parked on a slope.

Disconnect Your Battery

Should you leave the car for longer periods without starting it, disconnecting your battery or buying a trickle charger will prevent the battery from becoming flat.

 Classic Car Insurance Battery

Keep Your Fluids Topped Up

You should check all your levels frequently and if necessary, top up before you drive the car. It is particularly important to check the oil and water levels.

Have The Car Checked Over

Ensure that your classic is serviced once a year. If the car is MOT exempt, then it is important to check the tyres, suspension, brakes and steering.

Have The Car Checked Over

Don’t Customise Your Car

It is important to keep your car as original as possible to maintain its value. Modern fixtures such as upgrades of brakes, steering, suspension, and ignition and cooling systems are considered acceptable to most, however, you should ensure to retain the original parts with the car. This way, any enthusiast can convert the car back to its original state should they wish. If you own a classic car and are looking for a competitive insurance quote, get in touch with the Think Insurance team today.