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Insurance For Drink Drivers

Many motorists looking for Car insurance after a drink driving ban may find it difficult to get an insurance quote they feel is affordable. Whether it’s a new conviction, or the conviction is a few years old, it’s worth knowing how to get the best Car insurance for drink drivers.

Drivers with fresh drink driving convictions may find out that their current insurance company will no longer insure them due to their conviction or, if they do still offer cover, the price may become unaffordable. This is because convicted drivers, no matter what the offence, are seen as higher risks on the road, and statistically, motorists who have convictions or points on their licence, are more likely to be involved in an accident, which means they will then need to make a claim on their insurance.

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Can I Get Car Insurance With a Drink Driving Ban?

In short, yes. If you have fulfilled the terms of your driving ban and have had your licence reinstated then you are eligible for insurance. That being said, your conviction must be declared to insurers to allow them to provide you with the correct insurance policy. Deliberately witholding your conviction when getting a quote or taking out a policy in order to get a cheaper price is a criminal offence that, when discovered, could land you in further hot water both with the police and your insurer. You will likely find that your insurer voids your insurance policy, meaning that you never had appropriate cover in place and as a result, any claims you may have made will be rejected, leaving you to foot the bill yourself.

Looking For The Best Insurance For Drink Drivers?

If you’re looking to get the best insurance for drink drivers, the most important thing to do is find an insurance broker that specialises in Car insurance for drink drivers, just like Think Insurance. Once you’re in contact with a specialist drink driver insurance broker, such as ourselves, the first thing you need to do is be honest and frank with them about your conviction. Our team of Convicted Driver insurance specialists will recognise that you may have made a mistake, and won’t judge you on your drink driving conviction. It’s important to be honest as it means our drink driving insurance team will be better equipped to help find you the best insurance for drink drivers.

How Can You Reduce Your Drink Driver Insurance Premium?

There are ways that you can help to reduce your insurance premium if you’re looking for car insurance for drink drivers. Completion of one of the UK-wide drink driver rehabilitation courses will be looked on favourably by insurance companies, and many may offer discounts for drivers that complete one. This is because completing a rehabilitation course shows that drink drivers looking for insurance have learned from their mistakes. Other, more usual methods of reducing your insurance premium can also be used such as driving less miles, increasing your excess, or buying a smaller, less powerful vehicle.

Convicted Driver insurance for drink drivers is like any other private car policy, so whatever extra products you may have opted for before, may all still be relevant and can be added to your policy. Optional extras such as Legal Protection and Breakdown Cover may still be useful. You can also add a family member or a partner to the policy if required. Remember, the only fundamental difference between a regular Car insurance policy and a Convicted Drink Driver insurance policy is that the latter is aimed at drink drivers, and is usually only offered by specialist insurance brokers who know how to deal with your conviction, and how to get the best rates for you.

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What Drink Driver Conviction Codes are There?

While there are many drink driving confictions for many circumstances, here are a few of the main ones you’ll likely be aware of:

DR10 – This is possibly one of the more common drinking convictions that you will see. This is obtained when a person is driving or attempting to drive a vehicle while above the legal alcohol limit.

DR20 – This conviction code is given when a person is driving or attempting to drive a vehicle while unfit through drink. A driver does not have to be above the legal limit for them to be considered unfit to drive from alcohol.

DR30 – This conviction is granted if you drive or attempt to drive and then fail or refuse to suply a specimen for analysis.

Tips To Reduce Costs

While it may seem like insurance for Drink Drivers is expensive at first, there are other factors that you could change to help reduce the costs of your overall premium. Things such as:

Mileage – The amount of miles you require can impact the cost of your insurance. Over purchasing miles or not buying enough miles can heavily impact the cost of your insurance. Getting a quote for far more miles than you need will increase your premium unnecessarily, however if you deliberately underestimate your mileage to reduce your price, you could find that your insurer rejects any claim you make, which ultimately could cost you a lot more in the long run!

Increase Your Excess - Your Excess is the amount you choose to pay towards your own vehicle and repairs in the case of an accident. By increasing the Excess you pay you could potentially lower your premium.

Where You Keep Your Vehicle – The place you park your vehicle can have an effect on the saftey of your car. Insurers may look at this aspect and make a decision based on the overall risk factors your vehicle faces on a day-by-day basis. For example, if your car is parked in a garage or on a driveway, it could be considered safer and a lower risk, whereas if it were parked on a roadside or public car park overnight, your vehicle would be a higher risk for your insurer.

Why Think Are The Best For Drink Driver Insurance?

Specialist insurance brokers like Think Insurance, have access to insurance quotes that many other mainstream insurance companies don’t. As well as having access to specialist insurance rates for drink drivers, the Think Insurance Convicted Driver department prides themselves on their award-winning customer service, which means we will always be well equipped to deal with your individual needs, and handle each enquiry sensitively. Our policies can also include the following features and benefits:

  • All Convictions Considered
  • Course completion discounts
  • Specialist convicted driver team
  • Convicted van drivers covered
  • Non-motoring convictions covered
  • ‘UK Broker of the Year’ for 3 years running
  • Free EU cover up to 30 days
  • UK & EU Breakdown cover
  • Legal Protection cover available
  • No Claims Bonus Protection
  • Flexible payment options

Need A Drink Driver Car Insurance Quote?

Think Insurance recognise that drink drivers looking for insurance may have made a mistake, and we don’t judge - our aim is to try and find you the best Drink Drivers insurance quote possible. If you’re in need of a Convicted Driver insurance policy, click ‘Get a Quote’ below or to speak to a member of our dedicated Convicted Driver team call 0330 127 4100.