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Can I still get insurance as a convicted driver?

If you are a convicted driver you will still be able to get a Car insurance policy.

After receiving a conviction, you may be wondering where that leaves you in terms of being able to take out a Car insurance policy. For most convicted drivers, taking out a Car insurance policy is a relatively simple process with the only difference being you’ll have to disclose your conviction.

The issue many convicted drivers face isn’t getting insurance, it’s finding the right Car insurance policy at the right price. Although, there are some convictions such as insurance fraud, where a convicted driver may struggle to find an insurance policy due to the nature of the offence.

Insurance Designed for Convicted Drivers

As convicted drivers often face high insurance premiums with standard Car insurance providers, this created an opportunity for brokers with particular experience of handling driving convictions to secure specialist rates from insurers, to help convicted drivers get access to a policy designed specifically for drivers like you. Opting to take out a Convicted Driver insurance policy could see you paying less than if you were to take out another Car insurance policy with your regular insurance provider. This is because you will usually be accessing insurance rates that are exclusively underwritten for specialist insurance brokers servicing convicted drivers.

Many drivers with motoring related convictions may not think of themselves as a convicted driver, but Convicted Driver insurance is designed for both drivers convicted of motoring offences and drivers that have been convicted of other criminal non-motoring offences.

Why Is Insurance More Expensive for a Convicted Driver?

The price of an insurance policy is calculated using a number of factors including:

  • The annual mileage the driver does
  • What the car is used for e.g. social only, commuting, business
  • Type of car, including engine size and modifications
  • Where the car is kept during the day and at night
  • Driving history, including both claims and convictions


Additional drivers

When underwriters are calculating the insurance premium, they weigh up the risk each customer presents to the insurer. Using industry data, statistics and the information about your driving habits and the vehicle you drive, they’ll be able to figure out how likely you are to make a claim. However, after several years of claims free driving, the No Claims Bonus will have a much greater effect, but for certain motorists such as convicted drivers, the premiums will have a much higher starting point before any No Claims Bonus is taken into account. This is because, statistically speaking, convicted drivers are more likely to make a claim – regardless of whether the conviction is a motoring offence or not.

How to Get the Best Convicted Driver Insurance for You

Most Convicted Driver insurance policies will be offered by specialist Convicted Driver insurance brokers, or specialist brokers such as ourselves, that specialise in insurance for motorists that typically face higher rates such as convicted drivers and young drivers. Finding a broker that specialises in Convicted Driver insurance is the best way to get a Car insurance policy that’s right for you, however the cost of insuring yourself as a convicted driver may still be high which means you may have to find ways to lower the cost of your Convicted Driver insurance.

How to Lower the Price of Your Convicted Driver Insurance Policy

Many drivers who face higher insurance premiums than the average motorist may not be able to get the perfect policy at the perfect price, and may have to find ways to lower the price of their insurance premium.

Convicted Driver Mileage

Mileage – A lot of motorists don’t take the time to accurately figure out their annual mileage and often over report the number of miles they will actually do. Working out regular journeys, such as commuting to work or seeing relatives, could give you a better idea of the number of miles you actually intend to do. However, be careful not to under report your mileage as this may invalidate any future claims if there is a substantial mileage discrepancy. Even after figuring out your mileage as accurately as you can, you may still be left with a high figure, in which case it might be worth looking at ways you can use your car less, such as using or organising workplace car sharing schemes or taking public transport where possible.

Choose Your Car Carefully – If you’re reading this FAQ because you are unsure whether you’re still able to get insurance and are yet to buy a car, then this is the perfect opportunity to have a positive impact on the price of your Convicted Driver insurance premium. Avoid buying cars that are associated with high claim rates such as ones favoured by car thieves. You should also opt for a sensible car; if you’re thinking about buying a fast car with a powerful engine, think first about how that may affect the price of your Convicted Driver insurance policy.

Additional Drivers – Many drivers up and down the country have one or two other motorists insured to drive their cars under their policy. If you’re the same, you might be able to bring the price down on your Convicted Driver insurance by making sure you aren’t adding any drivers that increase the cost of your policy, such as drivers without a No Claims Bonus, other drivers with convictions, or young/learner drivers.

Find a Specialist Broker – One of the best ways to get a Convicted Driver insurance policy that’s right for you is to find an insurance broker that specialises in insurance policies for convicted drivers, such as Think Insurance. 

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