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Car Insurance For Drink Driving Offences

Car insurance for drink driving offences can be difficult to obtain at an affordable cost. We have a specialist team who can help get you the best quote

Car Insurance For Drink Driving Offences

It doesn’t matter how far over the limit you were, or what the circumstances may have been, if you’ve been convicted of a drink driving offence you will need Drink Driving insurance once you get your licence back.

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Since receiving a conviction for drink driving you will know doubt have found that your insurance premium has skyrocketed, and you may even find it difficult to secure a Car insurance policy altogether for up to 5 years. 

Don’t be Tempted To Lie or Drive Without Insurance!

This may lead you to thinking that you could just forego insurance, however that would be a big mistake! If you are caught driving without cover in place, it would only add to your insurance problems. When applying for Car insurance for drink drivers, insurance companies demand that you reveal any convictions you’ve acquired in the past five years (from the conviction date, not the date the incident occurred), and if you fail to notify them of a conviction, when they find out (and they will!), your insurance will be cancelled and possibly made void, meaning if there are any third party claims against you outstanding, you will have to pay for them yourself.

Insurance for drink drivers is more expensive and your drink driving conviction will have an effect on your quote because you will now be seen as a bigger risk by insurance companies, especially as your conviction will be for a motoring offence. You may have learned your lesson, and don’t intend to ever drink and drive again, but the insurance companies cannot take that risk, therefore Car insurance for drink driving offences is more expensive than a regular Car insurance policy.

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How Do You Reduce Convicted Driver Insurance Costs?

Like any other Car insurance policy, the price of Car insurance for convicted drink drivers will be affected by other factors, such as the type of vehicle you are driving, where it’s kept, what it’s used for, and the mileage you do in it. So if you want to keep your insurance costs down when you are taking Car insurance with a drink driving offence or conviction, try to drive a car that has conservative power and low top speeds, and it also helps if it’s a reasonable value. If you can keep the mileage down this may also help to bring down your Drink Driving insurance premium. 

Car insurance for drink drivers in the UK can be difficult to obtain if you’re of a young age, as there are already risks associated with young drivers, and so adding a drink driving conviction into the mix really doesn’t help keep costs down. If you are a young driver that needs Car insurance with a drink driving conviction, then having your parents, or other experienced drivers with a clean driving record, added as a named driver to your insurance policy may help bring your costs down. This can also be true for older drivers with spouses.

Choose A Specialist Broker

You may have done all of the above and still found that mainstream insurance companies cannot provide competitive Drink Driving Car insurance, and that’s because those insurance providers may not be equipped to offer cheap Car insurance for drink driving offences, which is why the best thing you can do when looking for insurance companies for drink drivers is to go to a specialist insurance broker, such as Think Insurance.

Why Choose Think Insurance?

At Think Insurance we fully understand the ins and outs of Drink Driving Car insurance. As a specialist, our team of well trained and highly dedicated experts in Car insurance for drink driving offences know exactly how to get you the right insurance policy for you. Just make sure you ring up with all of your conviction details to hand, including the date of your conviction, and we will do our best to get you the cheapest Drink Driver Car insurance quote.

Here are more reasons to choose Think for your Car insurance for drink driving offences:

  • All Convictions Considered
  • Course Completion Discounts
  • Specialist Convicted Driver Team
  • Convicted Van Drivers Covered
  • Non-Motoring Convictions Covered
  • ‘UK Broker of the Year’ for 3 years running
  • Free EU cover up to 30 days
  • UK & EU Breakdown Cover Available
  • Legal Protection Cover Available
  • No Claims Bonus Protection Available
  • Flexible payment options

Get A Car Insurance Quote For Drink Driving Offences!

To get a quote for Car insurance for drink driving offences from Think Insurance, click ‘Get a Quote’ below or to speak to a member of specialist Drink Driver Convicted insurance team, ring 0800 221 8077 today.