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Cheap Car Insurance For Convicted Drivers

Finding cheap car insurance for convicted drivers can prove difficult, but as insurance specialists we are able to find the right cover for you

If you want to drive a car on UK roads, then it is a legal requirement to have a certain level of insurance in place to protect both you and any third party, should you be involved in an accident, to ensure that nobody is left out of pocket as a result of something that wasn’t their fault. Finding car insurance is generally an easy process, however in certain instances, where your circumstances are not perceived as “standard”, it can be a little more difficult. For example, if you don’t have a clean driving record, finding cheap car insurance for convicted drivers, can be very difficult, as many insurance brokers do not have the expertise, knowledge or rates to be able to handle this type of cover properly.

Here at Think Insurance, we believe everyone should have a chance to prove themselves. We know that not everyone with a conviction is the same, and the circumstances behind the conviction are all different. We are specialists when it comes to insuring convicted drivers, and we will consider all types of driving conviction.

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Defining Your Conviction

When arranging cover for convicted drivers, we need to know the details of the conviction, including the conviction code, the date it was awarded and any financial penalties associated with it. This is because every conviction is different and can impact the insurance premium you’ll have to pay. This means that there will likely be a difference in the amount you pay if you’ve been caught speeding a couple of times, versus the cost of car insurance after a drink driving ban.

While many other brokers might refuse certain convictions, as a specialist broker we will look at all driving records and convictions. We understand that in lots of cases, having been convicted of a driving offence can ultimately lead to you becoming a more careful driver, having seen the impact the conviction can have on your insurance premium, and in the case of the more serious convictions where you are banned from driving for a period of time, your whole life. Many drivers opt to attend a speed awareness course or a drink driving rehabilitation course, after which they can be a lot less likely to reoffend. 

We also consider non-motoring convictions too, as these can also influence your ability to get car insurance with many other companies.

How Does It Work?

One of the reasons we are able to offer cheap car insurance for convicted drivers is through our access to specialist schemes and our relationships with specialist underwriters, which lots of other brokers might not have. We also work with numerous driving rehabilitation organisations across the UK, such as DASH or TTC, and we will help support drivers that complete their courses by offering them additional discounts on their convicted driver car insurance. If you’ve attended one of these courses and want to find out how much you could save on your convicted driver insurance as a result, then get in touch with our team today.

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Why Choose Think Insurance?

As well as offering a specialist team, excellent customer service and competitive premiums, there are a number of other reasons why anyone looking for car insurance for convicted drivers should consider Think, including:

  • All Convictions Considered
  • Course Completion Discounts
  • Specialist Convicted Driver Team
  • Convicted Van Drivers Covered
  • Non-Motoring Convictions Covered
  • 'UK Broker Of The Year' for 3 years running
  • Free EU Cover Up To 90 Days
  • UK & EU Breakdown Cover
  • Legal Protection Cover Available
  • No Claims Bonus Protection
  • Flexible Payment Options

For many people, a vehicle isn’t an option: it’s a necessity. This is why we believe convicted drivers deserve cheap car insurance as well. This also includes van drivers, who often rely on their vehicle for work, as well as social and domestic use. 

Looking For A Quote?

If you want to find out more information, or want to speak to an expert to discuss a quote, give our Convicted Driver insurance team a call on 0330 127 4100 or, alternatively, click Get a Quote below to see how much you could save.