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What is a DR10 Conviction?

A DR10 is a motoring endorsement code for driving, or attempting to drive, with a blood alcohol level above the allowable limit. A DR10 is also commonly known as drink driving or driving under the influence of alcohol. 

It means it is an offence to drive or attempt to drive a motor vehicle either on a road or in a public place with excess alcohol, in the breath, blood or urine. This could even include just sitting in your car whilst you’re over the limit…it still counts. It is not the same as being too drunk to drive which would be DR20 (driving or attempting to drive while unfit through drink).

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Many of the main functions that we rely on when driving are inhibited when under the influence of alcohol. Two of the most common effects are blurred or double vision and a slower reaction time. A driver that is above the legal limit may also be more likely to act on impulse urges that are commonly repressed when in a level state of mind.

Contrary to popular belief, many motorists who have gained this conviction have done so unknowingly. There is no strict guideline on how to drink a responsible amount of alcohol that will not restrict your driving ability. The amount of alcohol needed to be consumed to be above the legal driving limit varies from person to person. As these factors are almost impossible to control, it is highly recommended that if you are to consume any alcohol you should either not drive and take other transportation entirely, or have a designated driver. 

Things that may impact this are:

How Recently Food Was Consumed

Having a full stomach before drinking will delay the effects of the alcohol absorption to your body. It can substantially reduce the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) from the level that it would reach in comparison to if alcohol were consumed on an empty stomach.

The Percentage Volume of Alcohol in Your Body

Due to the different volume of alcohol in each type of drink the effects will be different. Drinking things such as some beers, ciders, and alcopops will have a much lower impact on your BAC. While drinks such as Spirits, Whiskeys, Gin & Rum have a much higher alcohol concentration and may put you well above the limit, even from a single drink!

How Your Metabolism Effects Absorption

An average person’s metabolism moves much slower than the rate in which your body can absorb the alcohol, this means the alcohol builds up in your blood stream, raising your BAC level much quicker. Not everybody has the same metabolic rate, meaning that some people may metabolise the alcohol much quicker than others, while others may be much slower.

These variants are something that a lot of motorists do not account for, while they may believe that ‘one drink won’t hurt’, they may find themselves above the limit depending on the variables. Many people who are caught unknowingly over the limit often may not know their own limitations, maybe because they are not regular drinkers and haven’t established how their own body reacts to alcohol.

If you are unsure of your own personal limits, it would be strongly recommended to not engage in any driving if you are drinking any amount. In doing this you are ensuring your own safety, and the safety of others. It is reported that each year over 6 % of drivers believe they have driven when above the legal limit at least once in the last 12 months. Drink drive accidents still account for 14% of all severe road accidents in Britain, and young drivers are one of the more likely age groups to engage in drink driving.

What Could Happen If I Get a DR10 Conviction?

In the event you are convicted for driving or attempting to drive with a blood alcohol above the limit, then the consequences are severe. You could be sent to prison for up to six months and you could face a fine of up to £5,000. The minimum penalty is currently a 12 month driving ban and a Band C fine, which would be 150% of your ‘relevant weekly income’.

New sentencing guidelines, effective from 24th April 2017, mean that there will be changes to the punishments handed out. Like the previous guidelines, the severity of the punishment depends on the level of alcohol in the breath, in the blood and in the urine. If the level of alcohol found in the breath is between 36μg and 59μg (blood: 81-137mg & urine: 108-183) the starting point is a Band C fine which is 150% of ‘relevant weekly income’, and a disqualification of 12-16 months, however if you were to reoffend within 10 years it would be a ban of 36-40 months. 

If the level of alcohol in the breath is 60-89μg, then the starting point remains the same, but a low level community order could be handed out, as well as a 17-22 month ban. A 90-199μg level of alcohol in the breath could result in a medium level community order, but it may instead result in a high level community order with a 23-28 month disqualification period. If the level of alcohol found in the breath is 120-150μg and above, the starting point is 12 weeks’ custody and could be as high as 26 weeks’ custody. Also, a 29-36 month ban would be handed out, and would be extended if the judge is imposing immediate custody.

How Will Getting a DR10 Affect My Car Insurance?

Being convicted of any offence means that your Car insurance will rise, because statistically drivers with convictions are more likely to be involved in accidents and therefore more likely to make a claim. You’ll need to disclose your conviction, by law, for at least five years after the date you were convicted. Your current insurer may not offer insurance to you or the price may become too high for you to afford, however as a convicted driver there are ways to lower the cost. Your best chance of getting a Convicted Driver insurance quote that is affordable, is to go through a specialist Convicted Driver insurance broker, like Think Insurance.

With a DR10 in mind specifically, the penalties handed out show just how serious this offence is, and can be seen as an indication of the level of disregard any driver choosing to drink and drive has for the road safety of himself, and the general public. Whether you acquire a DR10 unknowingly or through recklessness it can still indicate that you have low self-awareness and possibly poor judgement which are red flags to an insurer.

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How Can I reduce My Car Insurance Premium After A Conviction?

You can help get the cost of cover down by going on a rehabilitation course, which is looked on favourably by insurers. You may be offered this opportunity as part of your court proceeding, and it is generally a choice that can be taken or refused there and then. You will be unable to sign up or change your mind at later date, nor will the course be offered again if you don’t take it.

We offer everyone that completes one of the rehabilitation courses offered around the UK, a discount off their premium. You should also try to reduce your mileage as well as increasing your excess, both may help lower your DR10 insurance premium. In addition, also review what vehicle you are driving, as choosing a smaller, less powerful car can help lower your insurance costs.

There are other ways that you can reduce the costs of your insurance policy that aren’t to do with your conviction. Things such as the type of car you drive, and where the car is parked overnight (such as on a private drive or on the road) are considered when the price of your cover is being calculated.

You may also want to consider the mileage you require for your policy. Mileage can add up to be quite costly, particularly if you are not accurate with the number of miles you need.. If you over estimate then you may end up paying far more than you would have for a smaller sum, and you don’t get a refund for driving less miles than you stated. However, never be tempted to lie about your mileage and understate it in order to get a cheaper price as this can come back to haunt you. If you have an accident or a claim, your insurer will compare the mileage declared on the policy against the amounts recorded as part of any MOT or service that your vehicle has undergone, and if any discrepancies are discovered, your claims can be rejected, leaving you to find any costs out of your own pocket.

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