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Do I Have to Declare My Driving Conviction?

Most insurance companies and brokers will require you to declare a driving conviction for at least five years.

In general, most insurance companies will ask you to declare any and all driving convictions you’ve accumulated in the past five years. According to the Financial Ombudsman, any driving convictions are considered ‘spent’ by law after five years if you are applying for an insurance policy. Whilst your Car insurance provider may ask you about any previous motoring convictions or if you have any endorsements on your licence, they should not use that information to increase the price of your insurance premium.

If asked by your insurance company whether you have attended a speed awareness course, it would be best to answer truthfully, because if you attended a speed awareness course instead of receiving a driving conviction/points on your licence, then your driving infraction will never become spent because you won’t have been convicted of anything. If your insurer does ask you about any speed awareness courses you may have been on, and you don’t answer truthfully, your policy could be cancelled and any outstanding claims rejected.

what counts as a driving conviction

What Counts as a Driving Conviction?

One mistake many motorists make when taking out a Car insurance policy is wrongly thinking they don’t have a driving conviction, assuming that getting points on their licence for something ‘minor’ such as exceeding the speed limit isn’t actually a driving conviction. This misconception can stem from the experience of being convicted of a motoring offence; if the motorist received a fixed penalty notice and simply accepted a fine and points on their licence without going to a court, it’s easy to think it’s not really a conviction.

However, this line of thinking would be wrong; if you have received a fixed penalty notice and have been given a fine and your licence endorsed, then you have been convicted of a motoring offence. This could be anything seemingly minor including not wearing a seatbelt, checking your mobile phone whilst stationery at a set of traffic lights, or exceeding the speed limit by 5mph. If you have received a Fixed Penalty Notice for anything similar in the past five years then you will need to inform your Car insurance provider.

Why You Should Declare Your Driving Conviction

Declaring your driving conviction is a must even if it’s for something ‘minor’ such as an SP30 code which is issued for ‘exceeding the statutory speed limit on a public road’, or in other words going faster than the speed limit allows. If you fail to declare a driving conviction and your Car insurance provider finds out, and it’s highly likely they will, you could see your policy cancelled or even voided – which would legally mean you were never insured in the first place. This would result in any outstanding claims being rejected, and you having to fund any costs yourself. 

Having to find insurance with a driving conviction in addition to a cancelled or voided policy isn’t going to be much fun, and you will see your Car insurance premium skyrocket as a result. If you have a driving conviction for something that’s more serious than a minor driving infraction resulting in a fixed penalty notice, then you may be tempted to try and withhold that information when taking out a Car insurance policy. This could be due to embarrassment or to prevent yourself from being quoted with a high premium, but the risk isn’t worth it and there are specialist Convicted Driver insurance brokers, such as ourselves, that can find you a policy with a reasonable premium.

what to do if i have a driving conviction

What to Do If You Have a Driving Conviction

If you have recently received a driving conviction you might be wondering whether you need to inform your current Car insurance provider, or whether you can just wait until it’s time to renew your Car insurance policy. It would be best practice not to risk waiting. Check your policy documents or alternatively contact your insurer and ask their advice. If you fail to inform your insurance provider of a driving conviction and it states in your policy documents that you must do so, then you risk your policy being cancelled.

Finding Car Insurance after Receiving a Driving Conviction

After receiving a driving conviction, whether it’s for drink driving, speeding or anything else, you will have most likely noticed a rise in your insurance premium. For many motorists with a driving conviction, the regular method(s) of taking out a Car insurance policy only results in eye-watering premiums, so what can you do? Your best bet of finding an insurance premium that you and your bank account are happy with, is by staying away from mainstream Car insurance providers and finding a reputable Convicted Driver insurance broker such as ourselves.

Choose Think Insurance for Your Convicted Driver Insurance

Whether it’s your first time taking out insurance as a convicted driver, or your third time, we can help you find a Convicted Driver insurance policy. We have a team of highly trained and dedicated Convicted Driver insurance experts that have dealt with motorists with all kinds of driving convictions, as well as drivers with non-motoring convictions too. If you’d like to have a chat about what your options are with regards to Convicted Driver insurance, then please call 0330 127 4100. Alternatively if you know what you’re after and want to begin the quotation process then you can click ‘Get a Quote’ below and a member of our Convicted Driver insurance team will contact YOU!