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Do I have to declare points on my licence after 4 years?

While your points may expire from your licence after four years, you may still be asked and be required to declare them for up to five years.

After receiving a drink driving conviction and having your driving licence endorsed with points, you may be wondering how long you have to actually declare your points for…especially if the points continue to stay on your licence for more than four years. 

If I Declare My Driving Convictions After Four Years Will It Affect My Insurance?

When taking out a Car insurance policy you may be asked about any driving convictions you have received in the past five years, as this is generally standard across the insurance industry. This is because all driving convictions have a rehabilitation period of five years and therefore become spent after those five years have passed, even if the points/endorsements stay on the licence for longer.

If you have received a driving conviction with points that stays on your licence for the minimum four year period, you may still need to declare your driving conviction. This is because the rehabilitation period hasn’t been fully completed and therefore the driving conviction could still have an effect on the price of your Car insurance policy. After the rehabilitation period has been completed the points on your licence should no longer affect the price of your Car insurance policy.

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Declaring From Offence Date or Conviction Date

For some endorsement codes the amount of time they stay on your driving record can be from when you were found guilty of a motoring offence and not when the offence occurred. Making sure you know which declaration date your driving conviction has is important. You don’t want to accidently give the offence date instead of the conviction date and risk your insurance policy being cancelled due to giving incorrect information.

Points on Your Licence? Think About Convicted Driver Insurance

If you have received points on your licence within the past four years then you may be facing high insurance costs. This is because insurance underwriters now see you as a higher risk and more likely to make a claim on your Car insurance policy. There are some drivers with convictions that can counter balance that risk by attending certain courses. 

For example, if you have been caught speeding you may have been given the opportunity to attend a speed awareness course. By attending one of these courses, you may find that it has a positive impact on the price of your Convicted Driver insurance policy. At the very least it could help improve you as a driver.

Alternatively, if you have received a drink driving conviction or a drug driving conviction, you may be offered the chance to attend a drink driving rehabilitation course as part of the DVSA’s Drink Driving Rehabilitation Scheme. If you do get the chance to attend one of these courses it would be wise to do so, as not only will it help you improve as a driver and increase your awareness to the risks of drink driving, but you may be rewarded with a discount on your Convicted Driver insurance premium.

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Benefits of Convicted Driver Insurance

If you have recently received a driving conviction or are still in the rehabilitation period for a motoring offence you may be struggling to find a Car insurance policy that fits both your needs and your budget. Having a driving conviction can make this difficult which is why Convicted Driver insurance exists.

Convicted Driver insurance is a type of insurance policy that is specifically designed and underwritten for drivers with convictions, whether that’s for a conviction such as a DR10, an IN10 conviction or any other motoring offence.

Because Convicted Driver insurance is designed for motorists that have driving convictions, it’s usually going to be cheaper than the equivalent regular Car insurance policy would be for the same person. In addition, as well as the potential lower price for your Car insurance, you will usually be interacting with a dedicated Convicted Driver insurance professional that understands your situation and knows how to get you a great deal, which is the case here at Think Insurance.

Convicted Driver Insurance Isn’t Just for Driving Convictions

Whilst a lot of drivers who search for and take out Convicted Driver insurance policies have driving convictions, it’s not just for them. Convicted Driver insurance is for all motorists that have convictions. If you know someone with a non-motoring conviction that is struggling to find a Car insurance policy that works for them at a price they’re happy with, then recommend a Convicted Driver insurance policy from Think Insurance.

Get Convicted Driver Insurance with Think Insurance

At Think Insurance we have a team of Convicted Driver insurance experts with extensive experience in helping drivers with motoring convictions and drivers with non-motoring convictions get a Convicted Driver insurance policy they’re happy with. Our team of experts are used to speaking to drivers with all sorts of different convictions and are happy to help you find a policy without judgement.

We can help you find a Convicted Driver insurance policy for almost all convictions, so call us today on 0330 127 4100 to see how we can help you find Convicted Driver insurance. Alternatively, you can click the ‘Get a Quote’ button below to start the quotation process.