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As convicted drink driving specialists, we have the expertise to help provide cheap Car insurance for convicted drivers. Get in touch today for your quote

If you’ve been convicted of a drink driving offence, we can help you find affordable insurance to get you back on the road.

Insurance Specialists For Drink Drivers

If you have ever been convicted of a drink driving offence you will appreciate how frustrating it can be to get an affordable Convicted Driver insurance quote. This is why you need to get in touch with Drink Driving insurance specialists like Think, and let our team of experts help you find affordable cover.

Drivers with convictions are often seen as high risk, but at Think Insurance we understand that you have made a mistake in the past and that you’ve paid the price for it. Therefore as Drink Driving insurance specialists, we don’t seek to penalise you further. What we are interested in is finding you a competitive Drink Driving insurance quote. As specialists in Drink Driving insurance we try our best to provide cheap car insurance for convicted drivers, and we do this by using our panel of underwriters specialising in cover for convicted drivers.

Levels Of Cover

A Drink Driving insurance policy is similar to a Private Car insurance policy, in the sense that the products offered are similar and the level of cover will be the same. Under Drink Driving insurance, you will be able to take out Third Party Only cover, Third Party, Fire & Theft or Comprehensive cover too. Third Party Only is the minimum level of insurance required to drive on UK roads and would be the cheapest way to get insurance.

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Getting Cheaper Insurance After A Drink Drive Conviction

There is research around suggesting that people convicted of drink-driving do learn from their mistakes and the likelihood of reoffending is slim, with roughly only around 12% being caught and convicted of a second offence within 10 years. Unfortunately though, once you’ve been convicted, this will impact the way insurers view you and the risk you pose, and as such will demand higher insurance premiums to provide you with cover.

However, there are other things you can do to help yourself get affordable Car insurance after being convicted for drinking and driving. Reducing your mileage is a big way to reduce your premium, as lower mileage means you’re on the road less and therefore there’s a smaller opportunity for you to be involved in an accident. Sometimes lowering your mileage might not be feasible, particularly if you need to use your car for work, or for commuting somewhere on a daily basis, but if you can try to reduce the amount of miles you do, then this could help get your premium lower.

You can also look at the car you are driving. Prior to losing your licence, you may have driven a high powered, high-speed, expensive car, with a high insurance group, but it is likely you’ll need to change this if you want to get back on the road without breaking the bank. Getting a vehicle in a lower insurance bracket can bring your price down, plus if it means that you sell your old car, you could end up covering the cost of the new car and the increased insurance premium with the money you get from the sale.

Be careful who you add to your insurance policy too, as this could help reduce the price. If you previously had cover for any driver, then removing this will help bring the price down. Likewise, think carefully who you add on as Named Driver too; if you can avoid adding anyone else on that has themselves got any driving convictions or a poor driving history, then this will help too.

Another thing you can do is make sure you drive sensibly and don’t reoffend or pick up any other driving convictions as this could impact your insurance further, or could even cause you to lose your licence.

You may find that your current insurer is still willing to insure you, however, they will most likely be offering a significantly increased price. This could be because they aren’t used to dealing with convicted drivers and are therefore not well equipped to offer a cheap Drink Driving insurance quote. This is the main reason why you need to seek out Drink Driving insurance specialists, so that you can get the best price available.

Specialist Drink Driving Insurance - Things To Do

You need to make sure that all of the details you give to your broker are correct, including things like your address, where the vehicle is kept, and importantly the length of your conviction and ban. If you do not provide your insurer with the correct information for your conviction you may find that your policy gets cancelled or voided.

To avoid a higher premium you may be tempted to not disclose your conviction(s), claim someone else is the main driver of the car, or go without insurance all together. Don’t! Not disclosing all of your details correctly is an easy way to getting your insurance cancelled, or worse, voided, which would mean you weren’t technically insured in the first place, and not taking out insurance at all could land you in a complete mess, leading to another conviction, which is only going to increase your premium further as well as other potential penalties!

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Specialist Discounts For Rehab Course Completion

The statistics for drink driving are eye opening… Nearly a thousand people are killed, and over three and half thousand people injured in drink driving related incidents each year in Great Britain. With approximately eighty-five thousand people convicted of drink driving related offences each year in England and Wales alone, anything that can be done to help reduce this number is welcomed.

Roughly half of those convicted of a drink driving offence are offered the chance of completing a Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme (DDRS) course by the Courts, and typically around have of those offered, go on to accept and complete them.

The Courts can offer a course under the Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme (DDRS) to anyone that has been convicted of driving, or being in charge of a motor vehicle with excess alcohol in their blood. Courses can also be offered if someone fails to provide a specimen for testing to assess their blood alcohol levels.

By completing a course, it makes the attendee eligible for a reduction in any driving ban they may have been awarded, by up to a quarter. So, for anyone that has received a twelve-month ban, this can be reduced to nine months following course attendance and completion.

The main aim of the Drink Driver Rehabilitation Course is to change driver behaviour, to prevent anyone who attends the course reoffending, and to ultimately become a safer driver in the future.

Course completion usually takes around 16 hours which is typically completed over 3 sessions. If you are charged with a drink-driving offence, then you may want to consider whether you want to attend one of the nationally offered courses prior to attending Court, and research the potential locations and costs of courses in your area.

If you have completed, or have the opportunity to complete a rehabilitation course then you could reduce your premium, as insurers look favourably on rehab course completions. We work with Rehab centres across the UK, and offer a discount to customers that complete one of their Drink Driving courses.

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