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Driver Banned For 56 Days For Doing 154MPH

Only 56 Days For High Speed Motorist

A man who was clocked doing a whopping 154mph has received a ban of only 56 days.

The Story

21-year-old mechanic, Louie Howlett, from Lakenheath was caught doing 154mph in his Seat Leon Cupra on the A11 in Icklingham, Suffolk in April, which is believed to be the highest recorded speed on a Suffolk Road.


Last week Mr Howlett was handed a 56 day ban and ordered to pay a fine of £365, after appearing at Bury St Edmunds Magistrates’ Court. During the proceedings he apologised and said he’d learnt his lesson, reported the BBC.

Police Say

Inspector David Giles of the Roads Policing Unit, said: "I don't think it is enough at all. I'm really disappointed frankly. It's not a real incentive to stick within the speed limit, in my opinion."

Road Safety Charity Say

Campaigns and Communications Director for Brake, Gary Rae, said: "Drivers who recklessly speed put not only their own lives, but those of other road users, at severe risk. Breaking the speed limit by such a shocking amount shows an appalling disregard for the safety of innocent road users. We are disappointed to see such a lenient sentence in this case - drivers who selfishly flout the law need to be punished accordingly."

Convicted Driver Insurance

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