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Drink Driving

Drink Driver Insurance - Finding Car Insurance After a Drink Driving Ban

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When it comes to finding cheap Car insurance for convicted drivers, if you have received a drink driving ban (or drug driving ban), then you may find that many other insurance brokers won’t be able to provide you with cover. As such, convicted drivers can find that their options are limited, and often expensive.

There is, however, a way to get a cheaper Convicted Driver insurance quote by choosing the right provider and by making yourself a better risk for the insurers.

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Dealing With Drink Driving Offences

When it comes to drink driving, there are a few things to consider, such as the type of conviction you received and how long you need to declare your offence for.

For drink driving, there are a few driving conviction codes you need to specifically look out for.  If you have a DR10, DR20, DR30, DR31, DR61 or DR80 offence, this refers to a drink or drug driving incident. A CD40, CD50, CD60 or CD70 offence, refers to careless driving involving drugs or alcohol. 

In all of these cases, any points received will remain on your licence for 11 years, starting from the original conviction date. As long as these points are on your licence, you can expect to pay a higher premium as a result.

Improve Yourself

Having a conviction on your licence can cause you problems for a long time, so how do you get the best car insurance for convicted drivers? One way to do this is to try to improve your ability as a driver and reduce the risk you pose to an insurer. There are many rehabilitation courses offered throughout the UK aimed at educating and rehabilitating drivers with drink or drug driving convictions that, once completed, can help you find the right insurance policy, and even help you get a discount on your premium.

There are additional steps that you can take to reduce your premium, such as reducing the amount of miles you drive, keeping your car somewhere secure overnight, and most importantly, driving carefully and responsibly and not reoffending. 

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Customise Your Cover

If you add a more experienced driver onto your policy, this can often have a positive impact on your premium too (providing they have a clean driving record).

Similarly, if you raise your excess (the amount of money you pay towards the total cost of any claim you make) then this will bring the cost of your insurance down, which may make it more affordable when you factor in the increased cost as a result of a driving ban.

You may also decide to change your car, opting for something that is cheaper to insure, to help reduce your overall premium. When you’ve had a driving ban and are facing ten years of increased insurance premiums, then finding a car that costs less to insure makes sense as a long term investment.

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