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I Was Banned for Drink Driving, Can I Still Be Insured?

After serving your ban for drink driving you can take out a Convicted Driver insurance policy for drink drivers.

If you have recently been banned from driving after being convicted of a drink driving offence, you may be concerned how this will affect your prospects of being insured. As someone banned from driving, you should still be able to get insurance for your car in one form or another.

If you are returning to driving following a ban for drink driving and need insurance for your car or van, you may be eligible for Convicted Driver insurance for drink drivers.

Recently Banned from Driving…What Are My Insurance Options?

Following a recent ban from driving, you may still want to keep possession of your vehicle for when your ban is lifted, and during the period you are banned you will want to have your car suitably insured. This can be achieved by taking out an insurance product called Laid-Up insurance. A Laid-up insurance policy is taken out by motorists who don’t use their car regularly such as people with show cars or classic cars, and it can also be used by those who are undertaking repairs on a car that isn’t roadworthy or whilst building a kit car.  It can also be used by drivers who aren’t using their car for whatever reason as it allows a car or vehicle to be insured against fire and theft if not in use, such as a car that has been declared SORN. However, there are usually some conditions attached to the policy such as how and where the car is stored, so make sure you understand what the conditions are before taking out a policy.

Under the Terms and Conditions of your current insurance policy, you will more than likely be required to inform your current insurer of your driving conviction and the driving ban associated with it. Depending on the insurance company you are insured with, you may have your policy terminated. However, this might not be the case for all insurance providers, and you may be able to downgrade your cover level to a Fire & Theft policy. In circumstances such as receiving a driving ban, it’s always best to check your policy documents and carefully read through the Terms and Conditions of your Car insurance policy to see what your options are and what is required of you.

Cancelling your current Car insurance policy may be your only option after receiving a drink driving ban, especially if your current provider doesn’t allow you the opportunity to downgrade your cover to one that reflects your current circumstances.

Knowing what to do about your Car insurance if you are expecting to receive a drink driving ban is just the start, and you should seriously be thinking about your insurance for when you return to driving. If you are offered the chance to participate in a drink driving rehabilitation course under the Driving Standards Agency’s Drink Driving Rehabilitation Scheme, you should seriously consider accepting the offer. Not only can this help you reduce the length of your ban by up to 25%, you could also save money on a Convicted Driver insurance policy when it’s time to to return to driving.

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Returning from a Driving Ban? Think About Convicted Driver Insurance

When returning from a driving ban for any offence, whether it’s for drink driving or something else, you will notice that your previous or current Car insurance provider has raised your insurance premium. You may also find that getting Car insurance for anywhere near the price you paid before you were banned from driving due to a drink driving conviction, is almost impossible. Having received a drink driving ban, you should expect to be faced with higher insurance premiums if you decide to go through a comparison site for a Car insurance quote and you’ll probably struggle to find a price that meets your expectations.

Having a driving conviction associated with your driving licence almost always means a higher insurance premium. This is because insurance underwriters now see you as a higher risk – in a similar way they see young drivers as higher risks. This means your best chance of finding a Car insurance quote that you’re happy with is to find an insurance broker that specialises in insurance for convicted drivers.

A Convicted Driver insurance policy is specifically designed for motorists with convictions. Whether it’s a motorist returning from a driving ban for drink driving, any other driving offence or even a non-motoring conviction. The process is relatively simple and almost identical to taking out a policy prior to your drink driving ban. In addition to the usual questions, you will also be asked about your driving conviction, and in the case of drink driving ban, you may be asked whether you have participated in the Drink Driving Rehabilitation Scheme by completing a drink driving rehabilitation courseRehab

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If you’re reading this FAQ, it’s more than likely that this is your first time finding an insurance policy as a convicted driver, which means you may have further questions about taking out a Convicted Driver insurance policy. Our team of Convicted Driver insurance experts have spoken to thousands of motorists like you and can guide you on your path to finding a Convicted Driver insurance policy that works for you.

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