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Is a Convicted Driver Policy Different to a Normal One?

A Convicted Driver insurance policy is an insurance product specifically for motorists with convictions.

Drivers with convictions, whether that be motoring convictions or non-motoring convictions, can often struggle to find a Car insurance quote that’s affordable. This is because, statistically, motorists with convictions have a higher accident rate, just like young drivers do, which is why young drivers can also have a specific insurance product as well.

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How is a Convicted Driver Policy Different to a Normal One?

A Convicted Driver insurance policy is a specific policy for convicted drivers, whether that’s a drink driver, drug driver or any other type of motorist with a conviction. It’s usually only available through insurance brokers that specialise in Convicted Driver insurance, and therefore know how to get a convicted driver the right Car insurance policy for them. 

Specialist Convicted Driver insurance brokers such as Think Insurance can offer a bespoke Convicted Driver insurance product due to having access to special Car insurance rates exclusively for drivers with convictions. These rates are often the result of having helped thousands of other drivers find a convicted insurance policy and reflect the experience and knowledge of the broker.

The Car insurance policies that are underwritten for us will probably not be the same as those you will get through a regular Car insurance broker that isn’t equipped to deal with convicted drivers. This is why you will often find that the cost of cover from a regular insurer verses a specialist Convicted Driver insurer can be very different – specialist brokers will often have access to cheaper rates that could help you save money.

A Convicted Driver insurance broker will usually take into account completion of any rehabilitation courses for drivers who have motoring convictions for drugs and/or alcohol, whereas regular Car insurance providers may not take that into account and will only see that you have a conviction.

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Looking to Save Money on your Convicted Driver Insurance Premium?

If you’re researching Convicted Driver insurance, you’re probably also looking for a way to lower the cost of your Car insurance policy. Of course, going to a specialist Convicted Driver insurance broker is a great start, but just like a regular Car insurance policy there are other ways you can reduce your insurance premium.

This can include reducing the overall number of miles you do as insurers often prefer low mileage as it usually means a lower risk. Assessing the car you drive may also be a way of lowering the cost of your insurance policy, and being careful what named drivers you add to the policy can help too – adding a young driver or someone with a poor conviction or claims history isn’t going to do your insurance premium any favours.

Get a Convicted Driver Insurance Policy with Think Insurance

At Think Insurance we have a whole department dedicated to just Convicted Driver insurance. Our Convicted Driver insurance team is highly trained and are equipped to consider any convictions without judgement. Our Convicted Driver team specialise in helping customers with convictions get a Car insurance quote that suits them, and deal with thousands of convicted drivers, so you can have the comfort they know how to help you.

We can find you a Car insurance policy for all types of motoring convictions, and most non-motoring convictions, so why not call us on 0330 127 4100 where you will be put through to a member of our understanding Convicted Driver insurance team. Alternatively, click ‘Get a Quote’, leave your details, and one of the team will be in touch shortly.