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New ‘Speed on Green’ Cameras are Catching Out Drivers Speeding Towards Traffic Lights

Beware! You Could Now Face A Fine For Driving Too Fast Towards Green Lights

You may have heard about the new ‘Speed on Green’ cameras that are being trialled in some areas of the UK, but what exactly are ‘Speed on Green’ cameras? Read more to find out how these new cameras can affect the way you drive and could potentially land you with a hefty fine.

The average motorist generally knows the speed limits and how to proceed with caution in certain circumstances when driving. It’s not that uncommon for an average motorist to speed either, particularly when trying to overtake another vehicle, or speeding to make it through traffic lights before they turn red. These types of speeding are typically overlooked – until now.

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Since 2017 there has been an urgency to reduce the speed of drivers across certain counties, and a widespread need to decrease the amount of speeding that is happening everywhere throughout the UK. This could be because it has recently been revealed that a large proportion of speeding collisions occur at junctions, and this is one of the main reasons that new cameras are being implemented as a trial in certain areas of the country. The main location for the trial of this new system is Merseyside where over 500 people were seriously or fatally injured on the roads in 2018.

These cameras have been dubbed ‘Speed on Green’ cameras as that’s exactly what they’re intending to catch out. If you are a motorist who exceeds the speed limit to be able to pass through a green light when it’s just about to change, then you are now being targeted by these new speed cameras. This is because ‘slow down on amber’ is hardly a rule that motorists implement. In fact, most cases of speeding are because of traffic light changes.

Can these Cameras help?

While some motorists may despise the thought of stricter and more readily implemented speeding awareness, it could serve as a caution that helps drivers become far more cautious and aware when approaching a traffic junction.

It is said that a Traffic Signal at a large junction can often create unpredictable situations for a driver to deal with, and so it is crucial that drivers are approaching a potential high risk at an appropriate speed. With the implementation of these ‘Speed on Green’ cameras there is hope that more drivers will no longer speed when approaching a high-risk junction and that they are driving more responsibly on the road. If the trial is deemed a success then you may find these cameras become common across the UK.

Paul Mountford from the Safer Roads Unit said “We would warn drivers of the consequences of speeding at junctions, for example to ‘beat’ a red traffic light signal.”

So, What is the Verdict if you Speed on Green?

If caught speeding in one of these instances then you are likely to be met with a fine of £100 and three penalty points. You may get the option to attend a Speed Awareness course as well. Not only that, but any conviction on your licence can impact your insurance cost when it comes time to renew, and you may find yourself paying more than just a fine of £100 in the long run.

Whatever you think of these additional, new cameras, within the first 3 months of being live, over 3,000 motorists were caught by the cameras showing just how much of a problem ‘speeding on green’ is!