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Non Motoring Convictions Car Insurance

If you are looking for Non-Motoring Convictions Car insurance, Think Insurance have a specialist convicted driver insurance team who can help. Get your quote here!

A non-motoring conviction is a conviction that is not related to driving, for example breaking into a house or stealing a car would be classed as a non-motoring conviction (however excessively speeding in the stolen car would be classed as a motoring offence!).

It doesn’t matter whether your conviction is motoring related or not, it can have an effect on your insurance in some way, and you will need to disclose your conviction to your insurance company, unless it has been five years since that conviction. However, if you received a custodial sentence of over four years, you will still need to disclose the conviction. If you don’t disclose any conviction, or you mislead your insurer accidentally (or deliberately), you may have your insurance cancelled or voided, and you could even face criminal charges for insurance fraud.

The cost of insurance is higher for convicted drivers because, statistically, motorists with convictions are more likely to be involved in an accident, meaning there is a higher risk to the insurance company, and so their insurance premium reflects that.

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Like any motorist who may need specialist insurance tailored to them, such as young drivers, motorists who are looking for Non-Motoring Convictions Car insurance will need to find a specialist insurance broker to help them find the best quote possible. Many mainstream insurance companies might not offer insurance to convicted drivers, even if it’s a non-motoring conviction, or they will restrict it to only certain convictions, while others that do offer Convicted Driver insurance may only do so at an unaffordable price. This is why you need to find a specialist insurance broker, like Think Insurance, so that you can get the best Non-Motoring Conviction insurance available to you.

Carefully selecting a specialist insurance broker, such as Think Insurance, to help find you a competitive quote, is just one of the many things you can do to help reduce your Convicted Driver insurance premium. Increasing your excess is a common approach that some people use to try and reduce their insurance premium, but you need to make sure that you can afford the higher excess cost if something were to happen. You can also try to do less mileage, as having low mileage can help to bring your costs down, both on your insurance and the car itself. Another great way to reduce your insurance premium is to avoid driving a high value car, because the higher the vehicle value, the more it will cost the insurer to fix or replace in the event of an accident, and so the higher your initial premium will be.

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Whether you’re looking for Non-Motoring Convictions insurance, or you’ve had a driving ban or other offence(s), don’t worry, you could still be eligible for a Convicted Driver insurance policy from Think Insurance. We have a team full of highly dedicated professionals who know their way around Convicted Driver insurance, and know how to you get you the best quote possible from our list of handpicked insurers. Our focus is on getting you Non-Motoring Convictions insurance that’s hassle free and affordable, and all delivered with award-winning service!

There are two easy ways to get in touch with Think Insurance 1.) To discuss a quote call our specialist team on 0800 221 8077, or 2.) Use our hassle free ‘Get a Quote’ form below.