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Police Use Double Decker Bus To Catch Motorists On Mobiles

Plymouth Police Officers have used a double decker bus to catch motorists using their mobile phones behind the wheel.

In the wake of harsher punishments for drivers caught using their mobile phones whilst behind the wheel, Devon and Cornwall Police hired a double decker bus to catch drivers in the act.

Using a double decker hired privately, officers caught over 130 motorists breaking the law. There were 39 drivers caught using their mobile, including one driver being observed texting for 10 seconds. A further 39 motorists were caught not wearing a seatbelt, 53 cars were caught speeding and two people were arrested for drug driving. However the police weren’t chasing cars using the double decker bus, instead they radioed to colleagues that were standing by in patrol cars, on motorbikes and in unmarked cars who would pull over drivers identified as committing an offence.

The brainchild of PC Andy Llewellyn and PC Colin Strachan, it’s the first operation under the ‘No Excuse’ road safety campaign, pioneered by the Essex Police. The buses were provided by local firm Plymouth Citybus, and Devon and Cornwall Police hope to replicate the operation across the region including the Isle of Scilly, reports the Plymouth Herald.

Police Say

PC Llewellyn told the Herald: "This is a great example of how we can maximise policing resources by working closely with partner organisations in the community. We are extremely grateful to Plymouth Citybus for providing us with a bus and driver for this operation. Additionally we have had great support from inside the force from the Alliance Roads Policing Team, professional development unit, Special Constabulary, response officers and the Police Cadets. Careless and inconsiderate driving is something that people may not recognise as a fatal factor. In Plymouth and across the force area we are looking to address this and the other driving behaviours in the fatal five to improve road safety awareness."

Harsher Penalties For Drivers Caught Using Mobile Phones

On March 1st this year the penalty for using a mobile phone while at the wheel of a car increased to a £200 fine and six point endorsement. This would mean that young drivers would be forced to retake both Theory and Practical driving tests if they are caught on their phones within 24 months of passing their test.

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