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The Sombre Video Aims To Convince Bar Goers Against Driving After Drinking

A video that shows the effects of drink driving has gone viral. The three minute clip shows Kris Caudilla who killed a police officer whilst driving drunk in 2010.

The Video

The startling video is a product of We Save Lives’ Reflections From Inside campaign. It shows patrons at a bar in Los Angeles reacting to the story of Kris Caudilla, who is serving a 15 year sentence for vehicular manslaughter. The video collaboration between Bravo/Y&R Miami, Parana Films, Vaporpost and Makoh Music, and shows Caudilla warning the patrons, who appear to be fairly inebriated, against driving whilst drunk. The parts in which Caudilla features in were pre-recorded at the RMC Correctional Facility in Florida, as live broadcasting from prisons is prohibited in the United States, although clever editing makes it appear as though he’s having a live conversation.

Y&R Miami/Bravo Creative Director Federico Hauri told AdFreak: “We started by reaching out to about 10 corrections departments across the country. Our outreach led to a dialogue with Kris Caudilla, and it soon became clear that he had deep regrets and remorse that he felt would be important to share." So far the video has been watched over five million times.

The Story Of Kris Caudilla

In January 2010, at the age of 26, after a night of drinking with friends Kris Caudilla got into his car and drove. He ended up driving the wrong way on a Floridian road and collided with St. Johns County deputy police officer James Anderson Jr., a 44-year-old father of four. Anderson was driving to work in the early hours of the morning when Caudilla’s Honda Element slammed into his patrol car.

Three hours later Caudilla’s blood alcohol level was recorded at 0.158- which is nearly double the limit which drivers are considered drunk by Florida state law. In October 2010 Caudilla was sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty in August to one count of DUI manslaughter. The Florida Times-Union reported Caudilla as saying: "No words of mine can even come close to the sadness and guilt and regret I feel for ... taking a father away from his family and his friends."