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The Best Car Insurance For Convicted Drivers

The best car insurance for convicted drivers can be difficult to obtain, but Think Insurance can help you find a policy that suits your needs

Car insurance for convicted drivers can be difficult to find because many insurance providers do not have the products or expertise available to handle Convicted Driver insurance, while some of those that do may charge very expensive premiums to provide cover.

So, what’s the best car insurance for convicted drivers? Well, depending upon your individual circumstances, there are a number of ways to get a policy that suits your needs.

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Finding The Right Car Insurance

Firstly, you should compare different quotes from different providers, and always make sure you understand what each insurance broker is offering and the limitations of their policies. Some brokers offering online prices may not always include everything you want, so it is beneficial to speak to a specialist to get the cover you need. Likewise, who will actually provide cover can vary depending on the convictions you have. Finding Car insurance after serving a DR10 drink driving ban, for example, may be more difficult than finding a policy once you’ve received an SP30 speeding conviction.

If you have a couple of SP30 convictions having been caught speeding, then you’ll probably find it easier to get a quote, as the nature of your convictions is not as serious as someone who has been caught drink driving or driving without insurance. Your Insurer will take in to account the nature, severity and the number of your convictions before deciding whether they will or won’t offer you insurance, and how much you will have to pay for it.

Drink Driving is considered one of the most serious convictions and the punishments handed out usually reflect this. There are roughly eighty thousand drink-driving convictions issued every year in the UK, and many insurers won’t cover you after you have been issued with one, which is where a specialist broker comes in.

Cutting Costs

At Think, we consider all potential customers and convictions on a case-by-case basis, and there are other ways to reduce your premium. Firstly, consider adding a more experienced driver with a clean driving history to your policy as this can often help bring the cost down. On the other side, make sure that you carefully consider who you add on to your policy, and don’t include any Named Drivers that also have convictions on their licence or have a poor driving history of accidents or claims, as this will inflate how much you have to pay for cover.

Look at where you keep the vehicle overnight, parking it in a locked garage if possible as this can also help. You can also look at the car you drive, and if possible change it for something that is a lower insurance group and therefore cheaper to cover. If you don’t have a private drive or garage, and have to park your car on the road, then this will increase the cost of your policy due to the increased risk of someone stealing or damaging your vehicle on the street.

Finally, making sure that you drive carefully and do not reoffend in future will make sure that your premium doesn’t increase due to additional driving convictions.

Rehab Course Completion

Another great way for convicted drivers to reduce the cost of their insurance is by completing one of the many courses offered across the UK. Of the eighty thousand or so people that receive a drink-driving conviction each year, around 50% of them are offered the opportunity to attend a Drink-Driving Rehabilitation Scheme (DDRS) course, where they are educated on the impact of drink-driving over a 16-hour period (normally completed in 3 sessions). Of those that are offered a course, around half of them accept and go on to attend and complete a course, and this can result in a reduction in any driving ban, by up to a quarter. So, for anyone that has received an 18 month ban from driving, this can be reduced by four and a half months for anyone that completes the course.

Courses such as the drink and drug driving rehabilitation courses offered by organisations such as OGWR DASH, HAPPAS and TTC help to educate drivers about the dangers of drink driving by showing them the potential outcomes of their actions. Upon completion of these courses, some specialist insurance brokers will offer you a discount on a Convicted Driver insurance policy as a reward for your commitment to becoming a better driver.

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Why Get Convicted Driver Insurance With Think?

We aren’t just a Car insurance broker that happens to also offer cover to some drivers with convictions on their licence. At Think, we are a specialist Convicted Driver insurance broker with years of experience helping those with convictions find a policy to get them back on the road where other companies might not. We’ve helped thousands of drivers find cover after they have received a conviction or ban, and we can cover nearly all driving convictions. We will also consider any non-driving convictions too, which is again something that standard Car insurance brokers might not.

The expertise and knowledge of our specialist convicted driver insurance team is second-to-none. When combined with our award winning and friendly customer service, it gives you more reasons to try us next time you’re looking for the best Car insurance for convicted drivers.

We don’t just cover car drivers with convictions either; we will also help van owners find a policy to get them on the road. Most van owners will probably need to drive their vehicle for work, and so if they can’t afford to insure it, they may not be able to work. If you drive a van and have one or more convictions on your driving licence, then give our team a call and we’ll help get you cover so you can carry on working!

Still not sure? Check out some of the policy features and benefits that are available, below:

  • We Consider All Driving Convictions
  • Discounts Offered For Rehab Course Completion
  • Dedicated Convicted Driver Team
  • Convicted Insurance For Van Drivers Available
  • We Also Cover Non-Motoring Convictions
  • Free EU Cover Up To 90 Days
  • UK & EU Breakdown Cover Available
  • Legal Protection Cover Available
  • We Also Offer No Claims Bonus Protection

Ready To Get A Quote?

Whether you want to find out more, speak to an expert to discuss a policy, or you want to see how much you could save, you can call us for a Convicted Driver insurance quote on 0800 221 8077, or use the Get a Quote button below – Get a quote today!