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Today Is The Anniversary Of The First Speeding Ticket

The Speeding Ticket Is Officially 120 Years Old Today!

Many motorists have their views about speed cameras and their speed limits, but 120 years ago today in Paddock Wood, Kent, a man by the name of Walter Arnold broke the speed limit and received a 1 shilling fine.

Walter Arnold - Speed Demon!

At the time, the speed limit was set at a spine tingling 2mph, and even then you had to have someone walk in front of you waving a red flag to alert residents of your presence. But in January 1896, Walter Arnold negated the need for his flag-bearer and embarked on a blistering 8mph cruise through the Paddock Wood streets. This then led to a 5 mile police chase in which the officer pursued on his pushbike, eventually catching Walter who was later fined one shilling.

The First Speeding Ticket