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UK Dangerous Driving Laws Could Get Tougher

PM Hints At Overhaul

The UK Justice Department could introduce harsher dangerous driving laws, after current laws have come under scrutiny for being too lenient.

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Facts & Convictions

  • There are 8,600 drivers with 12 or more points on their licence still on the road
  • 1,732 reported deaths on UK roads in 2015
  • Last year 22,137 drivers seriously injured
  • In 2014, 8,210 people were killed because of drink driving
  • The maximum sentence for causing death by dangerous driving is 14 years in prison

A man who had six previous convictions for using his phone whilst driving was finally jailed for nine years, after hitting 48-year-old Lee Martin with his Ford Transit van. Christopher Gard had been in front of the Magistrates only six weeks before the preventable incident, pleading for his licence not to be taken away. Hampshire Constabulary said the 30-year-old repeat offender was texting immediately before the crash happened. As part of a statement, the Martin family said: “Whilst Lee's death is clearly the fault of the defendant, we feel that the legal system is somewhat to blame. The leniency shown in this case on the defendant, and the lack of understanding of the serious nature of using a phone whilst driving has resulted in Lee Martin's death."

In contrast, a man who was convicted of causing death by dangerous driving wasn’t given a prison sentence; instead Jordan Kenvyn was given 300 hours community service and banned for driving for five years, after the 26-year-old had admitted to driving on the wrong side of the road. His car had veered into oncoming traffic on the A702 in South Lanarkshire, hitting Barba D’Amato’s Fiat.

On Monday a 28-year-old lorry driver, Danny Warby, was jailed for six years and banned for 10 years after he was found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving. In the incident, Detective Constable Sharon Garret, who was off duty at the time, died in a five-vehicle collision on the A141 in Cambridgeshire in June 2014. In the nine day trial at Peterborough Crown Court, it was discovered that Warby had opened a text a minute and six seconds before the crash. His 13.6 tonne lorry had crossed the white line in the centre of the road of the single carriageway, clipping another lorry before crashing into the Detective’s Renault Clio. Warby who denied causing death by dangerous driving had been travelling at 53mph, 13mph over the speed limit for lorries for that particular stretch of road.

Theresa May Says

Following the death of a 10 year child and his aunt in Penge, the Labour MP for Lewisham West, Jim Dowd, challenged Theresa May in last week’s Prime Minister’s Questions, asking the PM “If she’s aware of the widespread public concern that the law on causing death by dangerous driving is wholly inadequate and will she undertake a review both to its suitability and applicability?”. May replied: “I’m aware of the concern there is about the law in relation to dangerous driving. I’ve had a particular case about the daughter of some of my constituents who was killed as a result of dangerous driving. This is a matter that I believe the Justice department is looking at.” Makayah McDermott and his 34-year-old aunt, Rozanne Copper, died when a suspected stolen car crashed into them whilst evading the police.

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Convicted Driver Insurance

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