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Van Insurance With Convictions

Convicted Driver Van Insurance can be difficult to obtain at an affordable price. If you have a drink driving offence or another conviction, we can help

If you own a van and have been convicted of a driving offence you may find it difficult to find affordable Van insurance, whether it was a drink driving offence, an IN10 endorsement or another conviction.

Why Is Getting Van Insurance With Convictions So Hard?

Insurance companies often see drivers with convictions as higher risk, and due to vans having more powerful engines, being heavier, reduced visibility, and being bigger in size, they will naturally be placed in higher risk insurance groups. Insurers will also take into account what a van is being used for which may also impact the cost. All of this means that adding something like convictions into the mix can make Van insurance for convicted drivers expensive and difficult to obtain, especially through mainstream van insurers or online via price comparison websites. The more difficult the circumstances, the harder it could be to find affordable Van insurance for convicted drivers, so this is why you need to seek the help of a specialist in Convicted Driver insurance

If the price is high with your regular insurance provider, do not be tempted to lie, mislead or avoid telling your broker about your conviction. Instead you should try and speak to a ‘Van insurance for convicted drivers’ specialist who may be able to find you cover despite your conviction. There are many people in your situation who will need the help of a Convicted Driver insurance specialist, such as those looking for Car insurance after a drink driving ban.

Do I Need Van Insurance For Convicted Drivers?

If you’re unsure about whether or not you need this type of cover, then in short, if you have been given 6 penalty points or more, or received a driving ban, you will be classed as a convicted driver. This can be anything from speeding convictions (codes SP10-SP50), driving without insurance (IN10) , failing to comply with traffic directions and signs (codes TS10-TS70), and driving offences related to alcohol or drugs (codes DR10-DR70) plus many others. If this includes you, then Think Insurance will gladly assist you in getting a quote for ‘Van insurance with convictions’.

How Can I Get Affordable Van Insurance For Convicted Drivers?

Like regular Van insurance, the first thing you need to do is look at what type of van you are driving. The heavier/larger the van you are using, the more your insurance is likely to cost, so if it’s possible, consider downsizing to a smaller and lighter van. If you can, get your van fitted with anti-theft accredited devices, and try to park it in a safe and secure location such as a locked garage.

Don’t make silly mistakes when getting your Van insurance for convicted drivers quote; make sure you have all of your conviction details, and be honest about your vehicle usage and mileage. Failure to do so could end up with your insurance being cancelled or made void, which will end up costing you more in the long term!

Why Choose Think Insurance?

We pride ourselves on trying to provide the best Van insurance for convicted drivers, which means we are well equipped to assist anyone looking for cover. We can help you find a quote for Van insurance for convicted drivers, whether you’re after Third Party Only, Third Party, Fire & Theft, or Comprehensive cover.

Still not sure? Here are some of the policy features and benefits that are available:

  • We consider all driving convictions
  • Discounts offered for Rehab Course completion
  • Dedicated Convicted Driver team
  • Convicted insurance for car drivers also available
  • We also cover non-motoring convictions
  • Free EU cover up to 90 days
  • UK & EU Breakdown cover available
  • Legal Protection cover available
  • We also offer No Claims Bonus Protection

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If you’re in need of Van insurance for convicted drivers, then look no further than Think! - We do our best to help van drivers with convictions find cheaper insurance. We’ll do our best to help you, so click Get a Quote below or to speak to our team of Van insurance with convictions experts call us now on 0800 221 8077.