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What Is Convicted Driver Insurance?

Find out more about Convicted Driver insurance and what it covers.

What Is Convicted Driver Insurance And What Does It Cover?

Convicted Driver insurance offers cover to people who have been convicted of a driving offence, from minor speeding to disqualifications, and complete driving bans. The cover levels available are the same as standard vehicle insurance, it’s just the policy itself acknowledges your driving and conviction history which, depending upon the number and severity of your convictions, could result in some insurers and brokers refusing to offer cover in the first place.

There are the usual three levels of cover; Third Party Only, Third Party, Fire & Theft, and Comprehensive, all offering different amounts of protection for you, your passengers, your vehicle and members of the public and their property too.

convicted driver insurance explained

Convicted Driver Insurance Explained

As it is a legal requirement, everyone wishing to drive or park a car on public property must have car insurance. If you have been convicted of a driving or criminal offence, then you may find that the price you have to pay for this insurance goes up following your conviction, or you may even struggle to get cover at all. If you have a policy with a standard car insurance provider, they may choose to increase your premium, cancel your policy or just refuse to cover you going forwards, following your conviction, though this may be because they do not specialise in convicted drivers, or do not have the rates that specialist brokers may have access to.

A convicted driver policy is essentially the same as a standard car insurance policy however it takes into account your individual driving history and conviction record (or that of any named drivers on the policy with convictions). As with a standard car policy, there are three levels of cover - Third Party Only, which will cover you for claims made by third parties for personal injury claims or damage to their vehicle or property; Third Party, Fire & Theft, which will cover third party claims (as above), with the addition of covering your own vehicle against fire damage or theft; and Comprehensive, which will also cover you against any damages to your own vehicle.

Usually, all of the standard policy additions may be added such as breakdown cover and legal protection, so you can tailor the policy to your requirements. For drivers convicted of drink or drug driving offences, bans imposed can often by reduced through the completion of one of the UK wide drink driving awareness courses, and upon completion of such courses, you can often get a discount on your insurance premium – ask your provider for more details.

convicted driver insurance what does it cover

So what are the basics of Convicted Driver insurance?

  • Cover is Required By UK Law
  • Cover For Driving Convictions
  • Cover For Criminal Convictions
  • Comprehensive Cover
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft Cover
  • Third Party Only Cover
  • Discount For Rehab Completion
  • Breakdown Assistance Cover
  • Legal Expenses Cover

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