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Where Does the Money Go from a Speeding Fine?

What Happens When You Get Caught And Where The Money Ends Up?

If you have ever been fined for speeding, you will know how frustrating it can be, so what happens when you’re caught and where does that money end up?

How Can You Be Caught Speeding?

There are two ways you can be caught speeding, either by a speed camera or a police officer. One of the most common ways is via a speed camera, which usually emits two bright flashes if you go past it whilst going over the speed limit. Another way is by being caught by average speed cameras, which work out your speed over the distances when you go between them. There are also temporary speed cameras that can be set up by the police which include mobile speed camera vans and strips on the road which measure the speed of the vehicles travelling over them.

Of course, you can also be pulled over by a police officer. If a police car is out patrolling and spot a speeding car, they can and will go after it whilst recording footage on an in car camera as evidence. Or a police officer can be tasked with catching cars speeding using a hand-held radar gun, when this method is deployed there is a police car waiting further down the road to stop the speeding vehicle.

what happens when you are caught speeding

What Happens When You Are Caught Speeding?

If a car is caught on a speed camera, the police will find out the address of the registered owner from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, they will then be sent a Notice of Intended Prosecution with a request for the driver details. You must fill in the driver details request with the correct driver details or you could face prosecution for perverting the course of justice.

If you are the driver, fill in the details and send it back to the police. If you accept that you were speeding you will either be offered to attend a speed awareness course at your own cost, will be given a Fixed Penalty Notice or will be summoned to court. The severity of your punishment depends on how fast you were travelling when you were caught speeding. If you don’t accept that you were speeding you can contest, but you will have to go to the magistrates.

However if you were caught by a police car, you will be issued with a FPN or will be told to expect a court summons.

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How Much Will The Penalty be?

Similar to the punishment received, it all depends on the speed you were caught at. An FPN will result in a £100 fine and three points on your license. However, if you end up in court the fine will be ten times higher at £1000 and 25 times higher at £2500 if you were caught speeding on a motorway – you could even have your license taken away.

So Where Does The Money Go?

According to Simon Moon from This Is Money: “I spoke to the Ministry of Justice and the Department for Transport who told me the income from speeding fines goes into what is known as the Treasury's consolidated fund, which is a bit of jargon that really means the Government's own bank account.”

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