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Who Needs High Net Worth Insurance?

Find out more about who might need High Net Worth insurance.

Who Will Need High Net Worth insurance?

Anyone with high value assets that need protecting, but which may otherwise not be sufficiently covered by a standard insurance policy, could benefit from a high net worth policy. If you have high value items, whether it be a multi-million pound luxury apartment, a fleet of prestige cars or a diamond encrusted bracelet, High Net Worth insurance can cover all of your requirements.

Likewise, if you work in a high profile occupation such as a professional sports person, actor or celebrity, then this type of cover is designed for you as it allows for the higher risk elements of cover, and potential costs associated with any accidents or claims. A High Net Worth provider will also usual operate with a level of privacy and discretion that someone needing this kind of cover may require.

So just To Reiterate, You Might Need High Net Worth Insurance if You Are:

  • Prestige Car Owners
  • High Value Home Owners
  • Antiques Owners
  • Overseas Property Owners
  • Collectors
  • Celebrities
  • Professional Sports People
  • Actors or Performers

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