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Why Do I Need High Net Worth Insurance?

Find out why you might need to consider High Net Worth insurance.

Why Is It Important To Have High Net Worth Insurance?

Anyone requiring a High Net Worth insurance policy will likely have items of significant value they are looking to cover and as such, it is important to have cover because the cost of replacing them personally if they weren’t insured could prove very expensive. It is also important to make sure you are sufficiently covered and have protection to the right level to cover your items.

You may think that a standard policy will be fine, but you need to check and make sure to prevent you from getting a shock if you need to make a claim and finding out that you have insufficient contents cover, or the rebuild cost of your house is greater than that which you’re covered for. Similarly, if you have a prestige sports car (or multiple high value cars), then you might want agreed value cover or even new car replacement to make sure you don’t end up losing out if your vehicle is a write-off and the cost of replacing it is greater than the policy pays out.

In addition, if you work in an industry where the cost of insuring you has to take in to consideration the potential high risk and high pay outs if anything were to happen (i.e. professional sports, celebrities, singers etc), then many standard policies won’t cover you fully (if at all) so a high net worth policy could provide everything you need. A High Net Worth policy recognises the higher risk and value that is attached to you, your home, your contents, vehicle and family, and makes sure you’re fully protected.

Here are just a few points to recap:

  • Peace Of Mind
  • Financially Protected
  • Protect Your Car
  • Protect Your Home
  • Protect your Family
  • Cover Your Valuables 

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