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Christmas House

Increased Contents Cover For Christmas

The Value of Your Home Contents Increases Around Christmas Time…Are you Properly Covered?

In the run up to Christmas, on the day, and even for some time after, the value of the average home’s contents increases due to presents and other contents associated with this time of year.

Contents Value

Whether you have purchased presents to give to other people, or have gifts in your home given to you, the value of your home contents will likely be higher close to Christmas. It is a factor that many people overlook, but contents value can easily go up by a few thousand pounds around this time of year without you even realising it.

Contents Cover

Almost every type of policy carries a cap on the maximum value that you could claim in the event of an incident. This is usually predetermined by yourself and reflects the price in which you initially pay. If, for example, your contents cover is £50k and with the extra gifts your contents is now valued at £55k, should you need to replace everything as a result of an accident or theft, then the extra £5k would not be covered within the claim.

Specified Items

Similarly, if you have items of considerable value they would either have to be named in your policy or the policy would need to be updated when the item came into your possession. If you have bought something of high value and it is under your tree for a loved one, there is a good chance that you would not be able to make a claim if something were to happen to it. Insurers do normally stipulate that if higher value items are not outlined or disclosed, then the maximum payment would only be a percentage of the total insured contents value on your policy rather than the actual value of the item itself.

Make Sure You Are Properly Covered

It’s no secret that due to the dark nights and higher value contents in peoples’ homes over Christmas, that the risk of burglary is at an increased level. Extra lighting for the festive period can also increase the risk of fire. Be careful this Christmas, take the necessary steps to ensure yours and your loved ones’ safety, and make sure that you have your contents properly covered. If your home insurance is due for renewal, or you would just like to get a new quote, be sure to get in touch with us.