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What Are The Top 10 Best Gadgets For The Home?

Check Out The Top 10 Gadgets We Think You Can’t Do Without!

At Think, we asked one of our employees, Anthony, to come up with a list of 10 gadgets that could be great for around the home. After a little digging around he came back with quite a diverse range. Continue reading to see his choices.

1. KOHLER Moxie Shower Head and Wireless Speaker

A shower head with a built in speaker that enables you to stream your audio from Bluetooth enabled devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and mp3 players, up to 32 feet away. Listen to your favourite music while you shower with this water resistant shower head speaker. The speaker can be popped out of the shower head for independent use or for charging. No more boring showers!

2. Joseph Tri Scale

If, like me, you don’t have a great deal of free space in your kitchen, then the thought of fold away kitchen scales could be extremely pleasing. These scales from Joseph Joseph do exactly that, and with an LCD display, 5kg maximum weight capacity and the ability to add and weigh, it ticks all the boxes!

3. Nest protect 2nd Generation Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

If you own your own home, then it’s basic common sense, and if you live in a rented property, then it’s a legal requirement of your landlord – but either way, smoke alarms are not exciting. Until now! The Nest protect 2nd generation smoke and carbon monoxide alarm is an upgrade from the normal detector. As well as functioning as a normal alarm, it can also hook up to your home network and deliver warnings and alerts to your mobile phone or tablet too. Peace of mind, tech and convenience all in one!

4. Dyson AM05 Hot+Cool Fan

Dyson have a habit of reinventing a brilliant product and making it even better and innovative. This bladeless fan/heater has you covered all year round. It has a built in thermostat, remote control and it creates a powerful stream of air. One of the more innovative features on this fan is that the heating element will never exceed 200 degrees Celsius, which means that you will never have that horrible burning dust smell. A gadget to make your home cool (or hot!).

5. Nyrius Aries Home+ Wireless HDMI Transmitter

This clever device enables you to wirelessly stream any HMDI enabled device to another display. So for example, if the kids are watching TV in the living room but you want to watch a Blu-ray instead, with this transmitter you could stream your Blu-ray player to another TV in your bedroom – and it works up to 100ft away. This will save you having to disconnect everything or missing out entirely and will still deliver it in high definition and is 3D compatible. No more waiting for the kids to go to bed before you can watch your films!

6. Parrot Flower Power

Do you like the idea of having luscious green plants in your home but haven’t got the knack of being able to keep them alive? Well the Parrot Flower Power can give you a helping hand. Loaded with a database of over 7000 different plants, you can put the twig shaped sensor into the soil of your plant pot and it will monitor everything from moisture levels to sunlight. It will then notify you through a downloadable app and update you on your plant’s needs. Like a virtual Alan Titchmarsh!

7. Netgear VueZone

The Netgear VueZone is a remote video monitoring system that you can view anywhere, from a PC, Mac, Smartphone or tablet. It’s an ideal way to monitor your home and check in on something or someone! You can link up to 15 cameras to one system and you can even get email notifications to your smart phone if a camera detects motion. Like your own Big Brother!

8. iSmartAlarm Home Security System

The iSmart Alarm is a clever wireless alarm system with no monthly fees. Download the app to your iPhone to easily monitor the whole system. You can arm, disarm and reset the alarm from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. It comes with a CubeOne central hub, a motion sensor, two window/door sensors and two remote tags. The system can also be expanded further with cameras and additional sensors. Safe, secure and gadgety!

9. TP-LINK Powerline Adapter Starter Kit

Easily one of the best creations for a wireless world, the Powerline Adapter uses your home’s internal electrical circuit to route what will effectively be, a wired network to another room without the need for any long cables. These are perfect to use in rooms with limited Wi-Fi coverage, or just to create a stable high speed network connection. There are multiple models offering single, twin or triple ports, wireless booster and integrated power socket pass through. Now you can get a stable wifi connection in all wings of your mansion!

10. Vileda Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

This is a clever little gadget to help save you time while cleaning the house. While this particular model doesn’t self-charge and does not come with a programming timer, it is still pretty amazing! Simply place it in the room you wish to clean, set the room size and let it work its magic. It cleans hard floors and short pile carpets and has a climb height of 1cm, so cleaning rugs should not be an issue either. Let this gadget do the hard work so you have more time to play with your other gadgets!

Are Your Contents Covered?

In today’s world it is important to know that all of your contents are protected, be it from theft or accidental damage. If you total up the value of all your belongings, it can often amount to much more than you might think. With all of today’s gadgets, gizmos, clothes and possessions, the value soon mounts up and the need for contents insurance becomes greater than ever. For more information on what cover you might need, or to get a quote for your home insurance then why don’t you give us a try? Here at Think we work with a panel of underwriters so we can be sure to get you the best price available to us!