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Where Is the Best Place to Live in the Midlands?

Could It Be Where You Live?

According to the recently revealed Sunday Times Best Places To Live guide revealed Winchester was announced as the best place to live in Britain. But what about the Midlands?

Best Place To Live In The UK

Located in Hampshire, the historic cathedral city and former capital of Anglo-Saxon England, Winchester was praised for its good community spirit, quality of shops, and attractive outdoor spaces. The Sunday Times Best Places To Live guide takes into account crime rates, house prices, standard of schools, property prices, as well as cultural interest.

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So What About The Midlands?

The Sunday Times Best Places To Live Midlands region winner this year is the small Herefordshire market town of Ledbury, which lies west of the Malvern Hills. Known for its timber-framed structures, Ledbury was the home of poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and the birthplace of fellow poet John Masefield. Mentioned in the Doomsday Book, Ledbury thrived under the reign of Queen Elizabeth I as a place for clothier merchants.

Best Of The Rest Of The Midlands

Buxton in Derbyshire, and Lichfield in Staffordshire were named in the top 13 Midlands places to live, Oakham of Rutland and the Leicestershire market town of Lutterworth, as well as the Northamptonshire village of Yardley Hastings also, with Ludlow in Shropshire making the Sunday Times Best Places To Live in the Midlands list for the second year running. Last year the Birmingham suburb of Mosely was voted the best urban place to live in the whole of Britain.

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Best Of The Rest In England

There were surprising choices for rest of England, despite being categorised as above-averagely deprived by the ONS in 2011, and dubbed the worst living environment in the country by the Department for Communities and Local Government in 2015, Fitzrovia was named as the best place to live in London. Perhaps this is because of the diversity of the central London district, as the historically bohemian area is home to an equal mix of business, residential, retail, healthcare, and education. In the east of the best place to live according to the Sunday Times is Orford in Suffolk, now a small town, in the Middle Ages, Orford was an important port and fishing village. Located in North Yorkshire, the spa town of Harrogate was revealed to be the best place to live in the North East, it’s no surprise as the English Spa, as it became known in the Georgian Era, has been voted as the most romantic destination in the world in 2013, and the happiest place to live in Britain on several occasions. In spite of flooding that caused severe damage in 2015, the large village of Whalley located on the ban

Best Places To Live In Wales, Scotland, And Northern Ireland

Penarth in the Vale of Glamorgan was named as the best place to live in Wales in the Sunday Times guide, located just south of Cardiff, the town was promoted as the Garden by the Sea in the Victoria era, and it remained a popular holiday destination up until the 1960s, today the town is popular with commuters to the capital and retirees. Originally a small village, Stockbridge in Edinburgh was named as the best place to live in Scotland by the Sunday Times. Named after the stock bridge that spans over the Water of Leith, the affluent area was incorporated into the Scottish capital in the 19th century. Northern Ireland’s best placed to live was named as Ballycastle in Northern Ireland, the small town sits on the most north-eastern part of the island, and is the birth place of Game of Thrones actress Michelle Fairley.

Can Where You Live Impact Your Home Insurance?

In short, yes it can. Insurers look at a number of factors around where you live when calculating your home insurance premium. Factors that are taken into account, include theft and crime in your area, whether you live in or near an area at risk of flooding and whether your house is located where subsidence could be an issue. In extreme cases, where the risk is high, many insurers may even refuse to provide cover at all. To find out more, or to get a quote from specialist home insurance broker. Call Think Insurance on 01922 619640, or click Get a Quote below.