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Build A Policy To Cover Your Kit Car

Spend your time on your car, and not shopping round for insurance! Our tailored kit car policies are designed to help you find insurance for your kit car to cover the things you want. We offer an agreed valuation service to help you protect the value of your vehicle, and offer discounts for membership to owners clubs and for driving a lower number of miles. We also offer exhibition, rally and track day cover too. Get a quote today!

What Is Kit Car Insurance And What Does It Cover?

When you’ve spent so much time, energy and money building your Kit Car, you need to make sure you’ve got an insurance policy that covers everything you require, whether that be agreed valuation, salvage retention, limited mileage, build up cover or even vehicle modifications. As your vehicle isn’t standard, then the insurance required to cover it isn’t either.

Kit Car Insurance Explained

Kit cars are not like normal cars, and as such require specialist insurance cover to protect them. Kit car policies can cover all the usual risks associated with a car such as being stolen, fire and damage as a result of being involved in a road accident, however they can also include features relevant only for kit cars including build up cover, which protects your kit car as soon as the parts arrive which means that if your car or any parts were lost or stolen before you had finished fully assembling it, then you would be able to make a claim on your policy.
Some kit car insurers also offer protection for parts that are damaged or lost in transit which could be very useful as these parts can be very expensive. Policies can also usually include 'agreed value' cover, so if the kit car is written off or stolen you would be paid out the agreed valuation, rather than just the market value amount as you would on a standard car insurance policy. This could be important because it is difficult to put a price on a kit car, especially if it has also had modifications added to it. Kit cars also do not always depreciate in value over time, instead sometimes increasing in value, and so by taking out agreed value cover, you get the reassurance that you will be paid the full value of the vehicle in the event that you need to make a claim.
Kit Car policies can also come with salvage retention cover meaning that if the worst should happen and your kit car is written off, then you can salvage the parts, which could be useful if they were expensive. Salvage retention cover allows you to buy back the vehicle wreckage and use any salvageable parts to build a new kit car, subject to the wreckage not being damaged beyond the levels where it could become a safety hazard and no roadworthy. There are also other add-on features you can include such as breakdown cover, legal expenses, overseas use, tack day, rally or exhibition use.

So what type of cover is available for kit car owners?
  • Kit Car Insurance
  • Modified Kit Car Cover
  • Agreed Valuation Cover
  • Build Up Cover
  • Salvage Retention Cover
  • Limited Mileage Cover
  • Track Day Cover
  • Exhibition Cover
  • Show & Rally Cover
  • Club Member Discounts
  • Breakdown Cover
  • Legal Expenses

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Who Will Need Kit Car insurance?

Building a kit car from scratch can take time, money, and dedication and so to not have specialist kit car cover on your vehicle could be disastrous. You will have invested more than just money in to the car, and so you need to make sure that investment is protected. Whether it’s an AC Cobra or a Lotus 7; rarely driven or used frequently and showed at exhibitions and rallies, you still need specialist cover.

So Who Needs Kit Car insurance? Basically, Anyone Requiring Cover For:
  • Kit Cars
  • Modified Kit Cars
  • Exhibitions & Rallies
  • Kit Car Track Days

Why Is It Important To Have Classic Car Insurance?

Classic Car Insurance is not too dissimilar from a private car policy. The main distinctions are the fact that classic car owners are generally seen to drive more carefully and drive fewer miles, and so the price of a policy will usually reflect this! Sometimes, classic cars are bought as investments, and hardly ever driven at all so the policy will acknowledge both of these factors in its premium.
Having a minimum level of insurance on your vehicle is required by law - you must have at least Third Party Only cover. Classic cars will often have a higher value and as such, if anything were to happen to the vehicle, it is important to have cover in place so you don’t have to pay for repairs or even a replacement out of your own pocket. If you take your classic vehicle to shows, exhibitions or rallies, then having cover in place is key in case anything happens on the way to and from, or while at an event. Likewise, if you take your vehicle to track days then it is highly recommended to have the appropriate cover in place. Very often your classic car is your pride and joy, and nobody wants to have invested all of the time and money on a vehicle only for something to happen and you risk losing it all.

Helping Kit Car Owners Find Cheaper Insurance

With a Think Insurance Kit Car policy, you can add agreed valuation service to your cover, so that if you need to make a claim for total loss following an accident then you will receive the certified value of the vehicle, after any policy excess has been deducted. We offer owners club members up to 15% discount, and give further discounts for those driving less miles across the year. Speak to one of our specialist kit car team and see which of the following features you could benefit from:

  • Agreed Valuation Service
  • Club Member Discounts
  • Limited Mileage Discounts
  • Laid Up Cover
  • Multi-Vehicle Policies
  • Track Day & Rally Cover
  • UK Breakdown Cover
  • Instalment Options Available
  • Award Winning Service

Why Should You Choose Think For Your Kit Car Insurance?

Are you still looking for more reasons to get a Kit Car insurance quote from Think? No problem, here are some additional features and benefits of our Kit Car insurance policies:

  • Introductory discounts available
  • Up to 65% No claims discount
  • Discounts for agreed Kit Car Club members
  • Additional low mileage discounts
  • Quick, easy & hassle free insurance
  • 24/7/365 UK based claims helpline
  • Flexible payment and instalment options available
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Who Needs Kit Car Insurance?

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What Is Kit Car Insurance?

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