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Tips On Preparing Your Motorhome For The Winter

Getting Ready For The Bad Weather

Despite the mini Indian Summer we have experienced in the UK over the last few weeks, it is predicted that the cold and wet weather will once again sweep across the UK in the not-too-distant future, with some outlets even forecasting hail and snow.

Top Tips For Winter Protection

While the best way to look after your motor home during the colder months is to use it, sometimes this isn’t possible as driving conditions are poorer, or the colder weather means there are less motorhome events you want to attend. So, Think Insurance have provided you with a few easy to follow tips to help you protect your motorhome from damage during this autumn / winter period:

Drain Your Water System

Most motorhomes will have a tap outside which allows you to drain the water, but if you’re not sure how to, get a professional to do it as it needs to be completely empty, so the water doesn’t freeze if the temperature drops too low. Remember to drain your water heater and waste tank as well.

Remove Food And Give It A Good Clean

Your motorhome can become a warm and cosy haven for mice, rats and other rodents during the winter, so make sure you clean out food cupboards and hoover up crumbs and dirt to prevent unwelcome visitors.

Apply A Coat Of Wax

Wash your motorhome and follow with a coat or two of wax to protect the exterior while its sitting dormant during the winter months.

Turn Gas Bottles Off

If you can, remove the gas bottle completely and store it somewhere safe along with the batteries.

Turn Gas Bottles Off

Cover All Outside Vents

It can get windy during winter and you may find everything from leaves to insects hiding in the vents. Most vents will have specially made covers but you can also use a bit of polythene and tape.

Waterproof The Electrics In The Engine Bay

Whether you’re storing your motorhome inside or out, it’s important to make sure your exposed electrical connection is protected. Use a light spray of WD40 to prevent rust and keep moisture out.


Keep an eye on your motorhome.

Don’t fall into the ‘out of sight, out of mind trap’! Make sure you check on your motorhome at least once a month to check tyre pressures, clutch fluid, engine coolant and any other elements that might benefit from you running your eye over them frequently. Try moving your motorhome even if it’s just a few inches, so it’s not sat on the same bit of tyre for the whole period in storage. Start the engine and let it come up to temperature, give the fridge a quick clean and flush the toilet. This will make the return to you motorhome much more pleasant, and save any nasty surprises come the Spring time! If you need motorhome or caravan cover, get in touch with Think Insurance for a quote.